On Demand Video’s For CM Credit


APA California inaugurated a new professional development program for our members in 2015 through APA’s On Demand program. It is part of our effort to expand learning opportunities for those members who are not always able to attend Section activities or the Chapter conference to earn AICP CM credit, although any Chapter member has equal access. This program is a chance to either learn individually, or gather people together to view and discuss.

These sessions are available for viewing at $15 each and $10 for each additional person in a group registration.  Each session is claimed once for CM credit.

The following videos are 15 minute previews. To register and view the full length version, click on the blue title link above each video.  All are approved for 1.5 CM credits except Latino Urbanism which is 1.0 CM credit:


Diversity Summit: Gentrification Mosaic: Conversations on Displacement of Economic and Social Capital

Latino Urbanism: La Salud y el Etorno Físico (Health and the Physical Environment) 

APA California 2015 Legislative Update

Fixing Up Your Project: Strategies and Tools for Revising and Retooling Previously Approved Projects 

Ethically Navigating Shifting Roles of the AICP Planner in the Environmental Permitting Process

General Plan Update – Keeping It Real, Current and Relevant

Manifest Density: A Reality Check for The Sustainable Communities Strategy

Parking and Driverless Vehicle Innovations and Their Impact on Cities


Show Me The Water! Demonstrating Water Supplies for New Development in a Drought Era  (Preview video)

Ethics and Conflicts of Interest in the Land Use Approval Process: Guidance for Public and Private Planners, Attorneys and Development Principals [Meets Criteria for Law Credits]  (Preview video)

Implementing Smart Growth Through Zoning – Where the Rubber Meets the Road  (Preview video)

Successful Strategies for Financing Infill Development: Overcoming Financial Constraints and Getting Projects Built  (Preview video)

Outreach to the Silent Majority  (Preview Video)

Doing the Right Thing: Ethical Practices for a Diverse Population [Meets Criteria for Ethics Credits]  (Preview video)