Board Meeting Agenda

APA California December 17 Board Meeting - VIA ZOOM

APA California January 2021 Board Meeting/Retreat - Via Zoom

Changes to Contractor Scope of Services (Attachments 1 A-E)

Appointment of Statewide Programs Coordinator (Attachment 2)

Board Agenda Development Policy (Attachment 3)

Membership Report Approval (Attachment 4)

Revised Chapter Archives Policy (Attachments 5 A & B)

Updated Legislative Platform (Attachments 6 A-C)

Bylaws Update: Election Procedures and Executive Director Duties (Attachment 7)

Open Application for State Awards Jury Election Process (Attachment 8)

Online Event Pricing Policy (Attachment 9)

Approval of Final 2020 Financial Reports and Overages (Attachment 10)

Approval of New Reserves Cash Account and Amount  (Attachment 11)

Final Approval of 2021 Budget (Attachment 12)

Changes at the APA California Archives (Attachment 13)

National Planning Awards Program Updates (Attachment 14)

Conference Update

Student Representative & YEP Coordinator Update (Attachment 16)

Saturday – January 23, 2021 – Board Retreat

Association/Learning Management System (AMS/LMS) Discussion (Attachment 17)

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