2017 Elections

Election nominations are BEING accepted


The APA California nominating committee is pleased to consider you as a possible candidate for Board APA California elections. The following information will explain the election process and the steps that must be taken to be considered by the Nominating Committees. Our intent is to create a level playing field for candidates in the election process.


All newly elected Chapter Officers take office on January 1 after the election results are announced. All Vice Presidents and Representatives will serve two-year terms through December 31. Each President-Elect will serve one year in that office, two years as President, and one year as Past-President.

Candidates are welcome from any Section within the State. To run for an APA California Board Office, you must have been a member for at least one year upon the date you would assume office if elected. More information on eligibility appears below.

ODD YEARS President-Elect (Must have served as a voting APA California Board Member)
ELECTIONSVice President of Administration
Vice President of Marketing and Membership
Vice President of Public Information
EVEN YEAR Vice President of Conferences
ELECTIONS Vice President of Policy and Legislation
Vice President of Professional Development (Must be AICP)
Commissioner and Board Representative (Must be serving as a Planning Board Official when elected)

Candidates are welcome from any Section within the State. To run for an APA California Board Office, you must have been a member for at least one year upon the date you would assume office if elected. More information on eligibility appears below.

Duties of the President Elect

The President-Elect shall serve as at-large members of the Board of Directors and perform duties assigned by these Bylaws or by the President with the consent of the Board, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Preside at meetings if the President is absent;
  2. chair task forces and subcommittees designed to deal with organizational issues such as Bylaws amendments, or internal operations;
  3. censure that the Bylaws are updated as necessary;
  4. act as liaison with other chapters and with specific allied programs;
  5. participate in advance preparations or training for duties assigned as Chapter President when requested by the President;
  6. act as mentor for the student representative and work with the student representative to clarify his or her portfolio, including responsibilities and budget; and
  7. serve as chairperson of the Nominating Committee as provided in the Chapter’s Election Policies and Procedures.
Duties of the Vice President for Administration

The duties of the Vice President for Administration shall be to:

  1. Be responsible for coordinating the financial and administrative activities of the Chapter by working with the Chapter staff to accomplish the following:
    • maintain the general funds and accounts of the Chapter, and be responsible for their security;
    • make the payment of staff salaries and other benefits authorized by the Board of Directors;
    • perform an external audit of the Chapter books and accounts by the Chapter’s outside accountant, at times directed by the Board of Directors;
    • provide the Board of Directors with quarterly reports of the income and expenditure status of the annual budget and a financial statement indicating the status of the Chapter accounts;
    • prepare and submit to the Board of Directors a year-end financial report indicating the final status of the Chapter budget accounts, including deficits or carryovers that may occur;
  2. with assistance from the Chapter staff, prepare and submit an annual budget for approval by the Board of Directors;
  3. prepare and submit an annual Chapter report for approval by the Board of Directors;
  4. function as Chairperson of the Chapter awards program and direct the efforts of the Chapter Awards Coordinator(s);
  5. regularly evaluate and update the Chapter Financial Policies;
  6. conduct long range forecasting and programming in cooperation with Chapter staff;
  7. conduct meetings with Section Treasurers at the Chapter Conference or as needed;
  8. conduct contract review evaluations with the President and Vice-President applicable to each contract; and
  9. perform any other duties assigned by the Chapter Board of Directors.

The duties of the Vice President for Marketing and Membership shall be to:

  1. Develop programs to improve membership retention and expand membership;
  2. serve as a liaison to other strategic professional organizations;
  3. work with Sections to maintain and increase membership;
  4. develop marketing programs;
  5. identify new self-funding member benefits and services;
  6. coordinate activities of the Membership Inclusion Coordinator, University Liaison, and the Young Planners Group Coordinator;
  7. assist the Vice President of Administration to prepare the Annual Report;
  8. coordinate with APA on membership initiatives and other policy changes that affect membership; and
  9. perform any other duties assigned by the Chapter Board of Directors.

The duties of the Vice President for Public Information shall be to:

  1. Manage and oversee the production of the Chapter newsletter, providing general guidance and assistance to the Chapter’s contract newsletter staff;
  2. direct and oversee implementation of the Chapter’s public information program, including public relations, community outreach, website and marketing activities not otherwise associated with membership development;
  3. provide general information and referral services to Section newsletter editors, public information officers, and related functions;
  4. develop a multi-year public relations program with the Chapter Board and/or Chapter public relations staff;
  5. develop a website program with the Chapter Technology Coordinator;
  6. conduct meetings with Section newsletter/public information officers at the annual conference or as needed;
  7. develop public relations and media training programs for distribution to Section officials, the Board of Directors, and individual and members at large; and
  8. perform any other duties assigned by the Chapter Board of Directors.

The following materials must be completed in full and submitted to Hing Wong, AICP, APA California Past President, by April 30, 2017. Please e-mail the information to hingw@abag.ca.gov or fax to (415) 660-3566. If you are sending a fax, please also send an email to confirm receipt of your materials.

  • Position Statement: A position statement, no greater than 600 words, prepared by the “Guidelines for Writing Background/Experience and Position Statement – Appendix 1 to the Policies and Procedures. Please note that should you be nominated, this statement will be published on APA California’s website.

You are encouraged to focus your statement on issues and ideas affecting the future of the organization. To assist you in preparing your statement, please refer to the APA California Chapter Strategic Plan, available here.

  • Candidate Agreement to Abide Form – Appendix 3 to the Policies and Procedures Please sign and return the agreement form after you have read both the “Guidelines for Writing Background/Experience and Position Statements” and the “APA California Chapter Elections Campaign Policies and Procedures.”

Optional Materials

  • Photographs: Candidates for office may submit, by April 30, 2017, a recent photograph to be published with the position statement. Please refer to the “Campaign Policies” Section 4.2 for details.
  • Supplemental materials: If the nominating committee determines that it requires information or materials not mentioned above, it will ask you for them. Unsolicited additional materials and phone calls to nominating committee members are strictly prohibited.


The Nominating Committee will have two distinct phases. The Committee’s major task will be to encourage a wide variety of candidates to apply. After the deadline, the Committees will evaluate the applications to identify those who meet the highest standards of leadership ability, integrity, judgment, competence, and personal commitment. Two candidates will be nominated for each position unless only one qualified application is received for a position. Additional criteria considered by the Committees are listed in the APA California Election Policies and Procedures,” in Section 1.1.3.

If you have applied to become a candidate, the Chair of the Nominating Committee will notify you of the Nominating Committee’s. If you are not selected by the Nominating Committee, you may seek to become a candidate by petition. Information regarding the election petition process will be posted on the website after September 5. See Section 3.0 in the Policies and Procedures for details.

If you have any questions on the APA California nomination process, please feel free to contact Hing Wong, AICP, California Chapter Past President, at hingw@abag.ca.gov or (415) 820-7966.