2022 APA California Chapter Board Election

The APA California Chapter Board seeks nominations from Chapter members to participate in the 2022 Chapter Board Election. The Board positions on this year’s ballot are:

  • Vice President for Policy and Legislation
  • Vice President for Public Information
  • Vice President for Conferences
  • Commission and Board Representative
  • California Planning Foundation Board Member (2 positions available)

In accordance with the Chapter’s Bylaws, the duties of each position on the ballot are summarized as follows:


The duties of the Vice President for Public Information shall be to:

  1. manage and oversee the production of the Chapter newsletter, providing general guidance and assistance to the Chapter’s contract newsletter staff.
  2. direct and oversee implementation of the Chapter’s public information program, including public relations, community outreach, website and marketing activities not otherwise associated with membership development.
  3. provide general information and referral services to Section newsletter editors, public information officers, and related functions.
  4. develop a multi-year public relations program with the Chapter Board and/or Chapter public relations staff.
  5. develop a website program with the Chapter Technology Coordinator.
  6. conduct meetings with Section newsletter/public information officers at the annual conference or as needed.
  7. develop public relations and media training programs for distribution to Section officials, the Board of Directors, and individual and members at large; and
  8. perform any other duties assigned by the Chapter Board of Directors.


The duties of the Vice President for Policy and Legislation shall be to:

  1. be responsible for accomplishing the following activities, working with the Chapter’s legislative advocate: monitor, comment and develop positions regarding policy and legislation relating to APA California’s mission.
  2. establish processes, including using the Legislative Review Team, to obtain input from members regarding state policy and legislation.
  3. identify planning issues of broad concern to members that warrant state legislation sponsored by the Chapter.
  4. determine actions to be taken to implement APA California’s legislative position(s) in consultation with the Board of Directors and members.
  5. organize actions in support of APA California’s position(s).
  6. act as liaison between the Chapter’s legislative program and APA’s Advocacy program, which represents the planning profession in Washington, D.C.
  7. conduct an annual legislative workshop or other annual conference session.
  8. assist the Chapter legislative advocate in conducting the Legislative Review Team program, involving a minimum of two meetings each per year, in both northern and southern California.
  9. determine if a legislator should be given a Chapter “Legislator of the Year Award”.
  10. update the Chapter’s Legislative Platform, Plan California, every two years; and perform any other duties assigned by the Board of Directors.


Duties of the Vice President for Conferences shall be:

  1. manage and oversee the planning of the annual Chapter Conference providing general guidance and assistance to the Chapter’s Conference Management Contractor and other Chapter staff.
  2. act as a liaison with the local Conference Host Committee (CHC) for the Chapter Conference.
  3. assist the CHC with establishing the annual conference budget by providing a Standard Line Item Budget with fixed costs.
  4. oversee the Conference Programs Coordinator and assist the Coordinator and the CHC with the annual conference program selection, including assurance of the provision of mandatory sessions, balance of conference programming, and pre-conference sessions.
  5. request assistance from the Vice President for Public Information for the promotion of the Chapter conference in all Chapter publications and electronic media and work with Chapter staff to assure conference promotion.
  6. maintain and update the Conference Manual and conference policies.
  7. serve on the Site Selection Committee to select and recommend upcoming conference locations and dates, for approval by the Board.
  8. manage and oversee the Conference Sponsorship Coordinator on the solicitation of sponsorships and exhibitors.
  9. manage and oversee the Conference Management Contractor and all other Chapter staff related to the execution of the conference; present a final report on the conference at the first Board meeting following
    the conference; and
  10. perform any other duties assigned by the Chapter Board of Directors.


The duties of the Commission and Board Representative shall be to reflect planning officials’ perspectives on planning and planning issues in California, both as a member of the Board of Directors and at the Chapter conference, and to increase planning commissioner participation in APA and APA California. The Commission and Board Representative shall also assist with implementing the Strategic Plan by implementing the goals of the Mission Statement, the fundamental tenets and the strategies associated with membership development and diversity and to develop a more complete set of tasks centered around Planning Commission involvement. The Commission and Board Representative shall report to the President.


The California Planning Foundation (CPF) is looking for current APA California members to run for two elected board positions on CPF. Established in 1970 as a non-profit, charitable corporation with the goal furthering the professional practice of planning in California, CPF’s primary mission is to provide scholarships to college/university students in financial need that are talented, motivated, and have demonstrated academic excellence. If this focus resonates with you, and you are looking for new and fun ways to get involved in the profession while passionately giving back to and making a difference in the lives of current college/university students in California planning programs — who are our next generation of planning leaders — then we want you! One role we are looking to fill on the board is to have at least one person who has webmaster skills so that person(s) can take responsibilities of CPF’s website. If you’re interested in running for the CPF Board (four-year term), please include a letter of interest and your resume and send it to: Hing Wong, FAICP, California Planning Foundation President, [email protected].


Nominations for the APA California Chapter Board are due 11:59PM on Friday July 1, 2022. For more information and to request and submit a nomination packet:

APA California Chapter President-Elect
Andrea Ouse, AICP
[email protected]

For more information on the California Planning Foundation Board positions:

Hing Wong, FAICP
California Planning Foundation President
[email protected]