APA California’s Nominating Committee is now considering candidates for our 2021 Board of Directors election cycle. The information below outlines the election process and steps to submit your candidacy. Positions open during this election are President Elect, Vice President for Administration, Vice President for Diversity and Equity, Vice President for Marketing and Membership, Vice President for Professional Development. A list of duties for each position can be found here. All newly elected officers will take office on January 1, 2022 and serve two-year terms through December 31, 2023.


APA members from across the California Chapter are encouraged to apply. You must have been a member for at least one year upon the date you would assume office if elected. Individual positions have specific eligibility requirements as follows:

  • Vice President for Professional Development: AICP membership is required.

After the deadline, the Nominating Committee will evaluate applications received to identify those who meet the highest standards of leadership ability, integrity, judgment, competence, and personal commitment. The number of candidates slated for each position will based on the number of qualified nomination received. Additional criteria considered by the Committee is listed in the Bylaws in Article 5, 1-12, and in the Election Policies and Procedures.

The Nominating Committee will notify in writing any nominee that is not slated. Candidates not slated by the Nominating Committee my use the petition process.

Slated candidates must submit the following materials to Julia Lave Johnston, APA California Past President, by Monday, May 6, 2021. Please e-mail your packet to [email protected].

If the nominating committee determines that it requires information or materials in addition to that submitted, it will contact you. Unsolicited additional materials and phone calls to nominating committee members are strictly prohibited.


You will be notified of the Nominating Committee’s decision by Monday, May 10. If you are not selected by the Nominating Committee, you may seek to become a candidate by petition. Information regarding the election petition process will be posted on the web site in May. See Section 2.0 in the policies and procedures for details.

  • March 5: Call for nominations begins
  • April 16: Nominations due
  • May 6: Deadline for slated candidates to submit applications
  • May 10: Nominated candidates notified of selection to appear on the ballot
  • May 15: Deadline for APA California to submit candidate names to APA National
  • July 19 – August 20: Voting open online
  • Late August: Election results certified and distributed to Chapter
  • September 1: Candidates notified and election results announced
  • January 1, 2022: Successful candidates begin term of office