APA Delegate Assembly, Chicago 2013 –DELEGATE VOLUNTEERS SOUGHT!

At this year’s the Delegate Assembly, the APA Legislative and Policy Committee will be presenting discussion papers on two topics that will likely be the subject of formal policy guides presented in 2014. The topics are planning for hazard mitigation and planning for an aging population. The hazard mitigation paper is being drafted by APA Legislative and Policy Committee Chair Cynthia Bowen, AICP. The aging paper is being drafted by APA Legislative and Policy Committee member Whit Blanton, FAICP. Both are also members of the APA Board of Directors.

The policy discussion papers will detail the rationale and potential scope of a policy guide on these topics. Delegates will have an opportunity to provide input and shape the structure and content of these future guides. Delegates will also have a chance to give suggestions for specific policies or areas of inquiry related to the proposed guides. Following the input from the delegate assembly, a formal task force will be established to begin drafting a policy guide on each topic. In addition, delegates will have a chance to make suggestions for future policy guide topics and discuss APA legislative priorities and activities.

This year’s APA Chapter Delegate Assembly will be held in conjunction with the upcoming National Planning Conference in Chicago on Saturday, April 13 from 3:45pm – 6:00pm. This year, California is allotted 15 delegates, so if you will be attending the Chicago Conference and are interested in serving in this capacity, please let Dave Snow at [email protected] and Brooke Peterson at [email protected] know of your interest at your earliest convenience.

Delegates will receive materials in advance of the conference, including an agenda and the policy papers to be discussed at the assembly.

APA California has been well represented at past Delegate Assemblies and has a history of proposing amendments to the Policy Guides that are well received by the other delegates and the coordinating committee. We look forward to receiving your input to assist us in continuing this tradition.

Best regards,
Brooke Peterson, AICP, APA California Chapter President
David Snow, AICP, APA California Vice President of Policy & Legislation