4th Annual San Diego Economic Outlook for 2009-10

The UCLA Anderson Forecast would like to invite the American Planning Association members to attend our “4th Annual San Diego Economic Outlook for 2009-10” on Friday May 15th 2009 at the San Diego Marriott Hotel and Marina. This event is an opportunity to learn from the UCLA forecasting experts about the economic issues and trends to better prepare APA members for effective planning, decision making, and revenue projections in the coming fiscal year and quarters. We will cover the National and State forecasts as well as a focused view of the San Diego regional economy. This event’s keynote speaker, Peggy Johnson, Executive Vice President of Qualcomm, will discuss San Diego’s advantages and struggles as a high tech cluster within California. As an APA member you are eligible for a $40 discount in admission to this informative event using the promo code: APA0509.

To register, please visit: signup.com.