Airport Land Use and Noise Compatibility

Date(s) - Jun 10, 2016
10:00 am - 11:30 am

This session will address land use compatibility around the airport in your community, and will touch on the following topics: (1) Land Use – How to plan for land use around airports/how to measure incompatibility; Compatible land uses that can spur economic development; Integrating airport planning and development with the municipality’s Comprehensive Plan/Land Use Plan (and vice versa); Other incompatible land uses- object height, visibility reduction, wildlife attractant- but keep the presentation focused on land use; (2) Noise – How is noise measured by FAA? What does a flight track look like, and how do I learn about the flight tracks/aircraft approaches to my airport? How to prevent/plan for noise impacts from airplanes on surrounding communities; (3) Land Acquisition – Why does the airport require so much land; Explanation of select safety and protected surfaces; and of the FAA airport design criteria resulting in necessary land acquisition; Does the airport sponsor have the power of eminent domain? Definition of aviation easement; Land acquisitions associated with FAA-approved Noise Compatibility Programs.

Speakers: Mary Ashburn Pearson, AICP, Roy Lewis

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