Beyond Tweeting – Impactful Community Engagement – Wisconsin Chapter

Date(s) - Aug 7, 2015
10:00 am - 11:30 am

How do you reach a broad audience accessible to the collective community and gather the feedback needed to make the best possible decisions? Online conversations are happening right now that have potential to impact communities, leaders and the decisions they are making. Organizations will be better when they bring those local conversations, initiatives and audiences together into one “official” and shared experience, providing organizations with optimized participation and far better data. During this webinar, we will introduce the “new local” and how attendees can leverage this medium to better engage constituents. We’ll identify community expectations, discuss where residents are currently weighing in on civic issues and uncover how you can play a role in leading the conversations that are building better communities. We will cover trends in community feedback, online engagement and how online conversations are evolving. This will include an overview of tools and techniques to efficiently manage stakeholder sentiment. We’ll present a series of case studies about communities across the country who have successfully implemented best online engagement practices that embrace the new local. These groups, while diverse in size, initiative and organization type, have all harnessed the power of a meaningful conversation and used it to build a better community. Attendees will learn what everyone else is doing and what they can begin to implement immediately based on these success stories. While initiating a powerful conversation is crucial, it doesn’t mean much without the ability to measure the feedback collected. Our last portion of the presentation will demonstrate how to close in on the ideas generated by online conversations and initiate actionable next steps by utilizing data. We’ll talk through how to “build a better haystack” using data and public information sources to discover insights faster.


Speaker: Mike Wirth. 1.5 CM Pending