2009 Conference Session Materials

8:15 – 4:45pm

Opening Keynote, Sunne Wright McPeak, President and CEO, California Emerging Technology Fund

Focus on City of Fresno (CPR Salon) Cascade

Working with Lawyers

Not Your Parents LOS:
Auto Trips Generated: CEQA Impact Measure and Mitigation Program

The New San Jose Transportation Policy

Heck No! We Won’t Go!

Re-creating Streets for People

Climate Change Adaptation – Taking the Heat!

Sea Level Change and the California Coast

Eye on the Water Line: Practical Tools for Mitigation & Adaption Planning

Session Introduction and Speaker Biography

Sea Level Rise

CEQA Climate Change

Sea Level Change and the California Coast

Living with a Rising Bay

Sea Level Rise Video

Ocean Harbor House Video
Innovations in Bicycle/Pedestrian Planning

Revitalizing Aging Corridors

Engaging the Full Cross-Section: Next Generation Public Participation

Using the Internet as a Public Participation Tool

Keynote Lunch, JoAnn Marchetta, Tahoe Regional Planning Agency

On Line in Ontario (CPR Salon)

Passing the AICP: Planning Jeopardy Pyramid

Fire and Water
Creating Fire-Resistant Properties/Communities

Integrating BMP’s and Fire Defensible Space

Firesafe Landscaping

Strengthening and Enhancing the Barrio

Why CEQA Prevents Good Planning

Municipal Climate Action Planning

The Revolution Will Be Funded

What is Rural and Small Town Smart Growth?

Changing, Adapting, Advancing

Reinventing the General Plan Map

MW #2 – Tour Boat Ride

MW #4 – Bike Tour

MW #5 – Town of Truckee Tour

MW #6 – Planning for LEED in the Sierra

Break – Silent Auction Opens

Sustainability Alive and Well in Marin County (CPR Salon)

Hit Me With Your Best Shot (CM Ethics Session

Making the Project Pencil: Identifying Short and Long-Term Solutions to Project Financing

California Water Plan Update 2009

Integrating Water Resources Management into Land Use Planning

Environmental Justice Success Stories

Planning on the Rocks, Locally Grown Aggregate and Sustainable Future

Wetlands Mitigation and Endangered Species Conservation

Wetlands Conservation Planning – Case Study: Placer Co.
Mitigation Opportunities & Challenges

Improvements in Wetland Mitigation Planning CORPS/EPA Wetlands Compensatory

Mitigation Rule

Sacramento General Plan

Visualizing a Sustainable Future

Thinking Locally Before Acting Globally


Thinking Creatively About Zoning

Transportation Analysis for Planners

Global Climate Change & CEQA

Airports and Local Planning

Successful Open Space Preservation Efforts in Truckee

Parks as Resource Management Tools

Form Based Codes & Zoning Reform: Tools to Get Your Community to SB 375 Attainment & Walkable, Mixed Use Development

Form Based Codes Tips

Beyond Traditional Retail – How to Use Your Retail Spaces to Enhance Your Competitive Edge in an Evolving Economy

How-to Guide on Putting on a Planning Academy

Sacramento Academy

San Rafael Academy

Legislative Update

General Plan Reinvention Project. Repeat Session (CPR Salon

MW#9 – Planning Watershed Tour

MW#8 – South Lake Tahoe Redevelopment and Heavenly Mountain Resort

Property Rights, Takings and Exaction (CM Legal Credit)

From One-on-one to 7-Day Charrettes: Different Approaches for Successful Civil Engagement

Challenge of Affordable Housing in Today‘s Market

We Grow It, You Eat It

San Francisco’s Transit Center District Plan

Teaching Old Land Use Tools New Tricks: GHG Mitigation Strategies

Global Climate Change and CEQA: Preparing Defensible EIRs

Adventures in CEQA (CM Legal Session)

The Changing Environmental Analysis and Planning Paradigms in California

Planning for Recovery. Why Good Panning Needed Now More than Ever! (CPR Salon)

Sustainability in Mountains – Truckee Leads the Way. (CPR Salon)

RTAC Update

Future Shock: Sea Level Rise in CA

Form Based Codes in the Real World

CEQA, GHG, Climate Change Impacts, and Adaptation Strategies

SB 375: Interim Solutions and Implementation Tools

Creating Suburban Nodes from Suburban Business Parks

Defining and Designing the Urban Edge

Communications and Outreach Strategies

Climate Policy at the Local Level

City of Villages, San Diego (CPR Salon)

Managing Your Planning Department in Lean Fiscal Times

Design Review and Guidelines: Tools to Building Better Communities

Design Review Checklist

Strategies for Smart Parking Management

Thinner Air, Thicker Challenges

Building Sustainable Communities During Financial Crisis

Solar Orientation and Rooftop Panels

How Healthy is Your City?

Developing Leadership – How Do Planners Support and Develop Community Leaders

The California Model for Considering Climate Change in Federal Transportation and Land Use Planning

8:15 – 9:45 am

Planning Ethics in the Workplace (CM Ethics Session)

Debating the Delta: New Vision, Revision, or Tunnel Vision

San Francisco Bay-Delta Estuary

Environmental View

Briefing on the Delta Legislative Package

Resolving Environmental and Economic Conflicts

Food Planning: It’s What’s For Dinner

Building on Preservation

RTAC Update

Exploring GHG Production, Land Use, Transportation and the Economy Through Models, Maps and Visuals

City Green Building Programs