2012 Conference Session Materials

S U N D A Y, O C T O B E R 2 1
4:30 – 6:00 pm 

Census Trends for Planning & Policy: Diversity Summit 2012

Diversity Summit Introduction PowerPoint

UnderstandingCalifornia’s New Demographic Terrain: Implications for Planning

M O N D A Y, O C T O B E R 2 2
8:30 – 9:45 am

We Are What We Each and Breathe, and Build [Dr. Richard J. Jackson, MD, MPH]

10:00 – 11:30 am  Session Block #1

The Rise of the “Greenprint:” They Don’t All Have To Be “Blue [T. Keith Gurnee]

Beyond Blueprint: Opportunitiesand Tools to Encourage Stronger Rural Communities [Allison Joe, AICP] 

San Joaquin Valley Greenprint [Clark Thompson]

Tools for Regional & Local Planning [Monica Hernández]

Planning for Wildfire Hazard Reduction in the Wildland Urban Interface

How to be a BetterSupervisor & Work Better with Others

Elevating Design Through Public Involvement and Politics: Is it Possible?

Parking for Affordable Housing: Getting the Requirements Right

Resource Issues for Indian Reservations and Surrounding Communities

Can You Hear Me Now?: Turning Your Mobile Device into a GIS Editor

The Planner’s Role in Preparing for Disasters

The General Plan and General Plan EIR: Friends or Foes? 

Legacy, Fringe, and Island Communities; Models for Infrastructure Improvements


1:15 – 2:45 pm    Session Block #2

APA California 2012 Legislative Update

Ethics, Values, and Legal Issues for Planning Commissioners

Smart Growth Comes to the San Joaquin Valley

Mall Magic: Transforming Shopping Malls in Smart Growth Centers 

Complete Streets: From Policy to Pavement

Reinventing Redevelopment: To Be or Not To Be [T. Keith Gurnee]

Reviving Economic Development in California [Ken Hira]

Achieving Real Behavioral Change Through Sustainability Policy

How to Be a Better Supervisor and Work Well with Others


3:15 – 4:45 pm Session Block #3

General Plans: The Next Generation

For Planning Commissioners: Planning as an Economic Development Tool, Project and Environmental Review

Historic Preservation 101: Preparing, Planning and Preserving for 2012 and Beyond 

Measuring Community Performance- Community Indicator and Benchmarking Initiatives

CEQA Mitigation Measures for Renewable Energy Projects: From Paper to Implementation

The 3 R’s of Sustainable General Plans: Relevant, Reality-Based, and Ready for Implementation

What’s Next?: Funding, Implementing, and Monitoring your Climate Action Plan

Airport Land Use Compatibility Planning – New State Guidance and Case Study of GIS-Tool

Planning for Healthy Communities in Los Angeles County


T U E S D AY, O C T O B E R 2 3
9:30 – 11:00 am Block #4

California Rail Transportation – Back to the Future [Bob Lagomarsino, AICP, URS]

SCAG: Regional Transportation Plan 2012-2035 [Phil Law, SCAG]

TOD Finance in California: Today and Tomorrow [Ron Golem, BAE]

Transit-Oriented Development [Woodie Tescher, The Planning Center|DC&E

When New Meets Old: Additions to Historic Buildings

Long Live Rock! What Planners Need to Know About Mining and Reclamation Law and Practice

There’s An App For That!

Downtown Indio Revitalization Efforts

Drivers of Change in Urban Mobility: Technology, Management and Planning

Technology Trends and Urban Mobility [Will Baumgardner]

Public Process and Bureaucratic Challenges [Karen Trapenberg Frick, PhD]

City of San José Perspective On Transforming Suburbia and Reinventing Mobility [Hans Larson]

Smart Muni [Judy van Soldt]

A Regional Trail for Neighborhood Electric Vehicles, Bikes and Pedestrians

“Occupy” this Session: The Protestor and Planning

Green Streets, Meet Complete Street

Annual CEQA Update: The Cycle of Change Continues


11:00 am – 12:30 pm Session Block #5

When Business Friendly Happens to Planners: Meeting Job Expectations and The Code of Ethics

The Mills Act: One Act, Many Implementations [Emily Stadnicki, AICP]

The Program, Benefits & Participants [Don Dooley]

Monitoring, Reporting, and Penalties [Jennifer Gates]

Mending the Tear in a Desert Downtown

Planning for Revitalization in a Post-Redevelopment World [Scott Wolfe, AICP]

Westlake Village Business Park Specific Plan [Brian Gross]

Regional Market Trends and Implementation Plan [Stan Hoffman, FAICP] 

Advanced Planning as an Economic Development Tool [Simran Malhotra, AICP]

Visual Literacy for Planners

Sneak Preview: Streamlining Housing Element Preparation and HCD Review

Connecting the Dots….How to Get from Here to There. Wayfinding – A Cost Effective Infrastructure

Helping Communities Define Their Place with GIS


2:15 – 3:45pm Session Block #6

Smart Preservation Success Stories

Magical Marin: OpenSpace on the Fringe [Alex Hinds] 

Integrated, Multi-objective Conservation [B. Keene]

Lasting Value: Open Space Planning and  Preservation Successes [Rick Pruetz]

How Do You Manage a Project with CEQA & NEPA When You Don’t Control All the Pieces?

The Disappearing Redevelopment Agency: The New Frontier for City Planning Departments

Re-visioning Southern California: Visionary Solutions and Strategies for Improving the Built Environment

Healthy People, Healthy Places: Transform Your Economy by Planning for Health

HEAL Cities Campaign [Danielle DeRuiter-Williams]

Thoughts on Health and Economic Development: The Delano Example [Keith Woodcock, AICP]

City of El Centro: Planning for Health and Wellness in your Community [S. Sanders]

Are You Ready For The Next Big Wave: Tsunami Preparedness Planning

Unleash Your Inner Geek: Getting a Handle on Technology for Planning [Omar Masry] 

Geek vs Nerd [Chris Dominguez]

Using Community Benefits to Stimulate Investment in Sustainable Communities

Regulatory Approaches to Implementing Community Benefits Policy [Vivan Kahn, FAICP]

Mission First: Smart Growth and Sustainability Principles for Navy and Marine Corps Installations

Behind the Dais: Taking the Mystery Out of Commission and Board Meeting


4:15 – 5:45 pm          Session Block #7

Leading the Future- What Will it Take to be Planning Leaders In the Future?

Implementing CAPs – Where Sustainable Ambitions and Fiscal/Political Realities Meet

Property Rights, Takings, and Exactions: A Legal and Practical Update for Planners

Recent Decisions & Emerging Issues Worth Watching [Vivian Kahn, AICP]

Property Rights, Takings, and Extractions [Tom Jacobson, JD, MCP, AICP] 

Cracking the Code: Making a Form-Based/Traditional Hybrid Code Work for Your City

Forging Healthy Community Planning Through Collaboration, Advocacy and Policy-Making

Life Without Redevelopment?: Assuring Smart Growth, Affordable Housing, and Reversing

Reforming Parking Management at and around BART Stations and TOD

Competing for Jobs – Improve Your Resume, Interviewing and Get Your Foot in the Door

Momentary Metropolis: Lessons from Burning Man for Today’s Planners


WE D N E S D AY, O C T O B E R 2 4
7:30 – 9:00 am Session Block #8

Confronting California’s Most Critical Challenges

21st Century Gold Rush: Solar Energy Development in the Golden State

Science & Tech in Sustainable Design and Planning: Useful Tools for Practitioners

Downtown Revitalization for Almost Free [Blake Roberts, Ph.D.]

Redevelopment Elimination Means [L. Cole Rowe]

Off-Site Public Improvements as a Map Condition: Negotiating Thorny Issues Arising Under Off-Site Acquisition Agreements with Developers and Litigating the Developer-Funded Eminent Domain Case

Institutionalizing Living Street Design

City of Lancaster Planning for Living Streets [Chuen Ng]

Humanistic Principles: Scale, Comfort, Transitions [Kaizer Rangwala]

Break Out the Crystal Ball: Community GHG Emissions Forecasts and Targets [Nancy Vermilion

AEP White Paper: Forecasting Community-Wide GHG Emissions and Setting Reduction Targets

On-Road Transportation GHG Emissions [Daniel Rubins]

Energy Inventory Forecasting and Targets [Dave Mitchell]

Next Steps: Forecasting Water and Wastewater [Tammy Seale]

Forecasting Waste and Sequestration GHG Emissions [Rich Walter]

GHG Emissions Reduction Targets for Climate Action Plan [AEP Climate Change Subcommittee]

Ethics Jeopardy: Testing What We Know About Ethics

Sounds of Sustainable/Urban Development

9:15 – 10:45 am Session Block #9

Passing the AICP Exam: Planning Jeopardy!

Preservation Toolkit for Small Cities [Jennifer Gates, AICP]

What is Preservation Planning [Diane Kane, Ph.D.]

Diverse Communities, Diverse Strategies: Lessons in Multicultural Outreach

Tips for Successfully Navigating the Federal Permitting Process

Wresting with RHNA and Getting Quality Results with Form-Based Codes

21st Century Housing Boom and Bust [Lisa Wise]

Chapter 11.60 Form Based Development Code [Anthony Perez]

Growth Modeling for Sustainable Communities: Building-Blocks of Climate Evaluation

Creating Safe Places

Help OPR Help You! Updating the General Plan Guidelines for the 21st Century

Reworking the Business District [Kevin Gardiner]

Eco-Infrastructure for the Business District : Transforming the Land of  Innovation [Fareed Pittelwala, P.E.]

Smart Transportation Solutions [Jessica ter Shure]

City of Mountain View [Randy Tsuda, AICP]