Faith-Based Development: Neighborhood Anchors as Community Builders

Date(s) - Dec 16, 2016
10:00 am - 11:30 am

Planning and the Black Community Division 

Faith communities and their leaders have long been powerful voices for improving quality of life and the built environment. Through coalition building, resourcefulness, and the leveraging of human capital, faith based institutions have regularly stepped in to fill voids that may be left unattended by government and the private sector. Just like universities and hospitals, faith based institutions are neighborhood anchors, and they have a vested in creating ‘pathways of opportunity’ within communities that underserved, under-resourced, and underbanked. For this webinar, community builders will discuss how faith based institutions were reversing untenable practices in housing, land use, and infrastructure long before the fiscal levers that are now used to advance redevelopment were put in place. They will explain how acts of ‘community stewardship’ have evolved into national models for faith-based development. Participants will learn that forging a healthier and prosperous future will require penetrating new audiences as well as leveraging untapped talent. The webinar will reveal faith based institutions are improving ‘emerging markets’ as well as encouraging solutions to local problems that would have been labeled as intractable.

Speakers: Carlton Eley, Rev. Dr. Floyd H. Flake, The Honorable Rev. Dr. Deforest B. Soares, Jr., Rev. Andrew Wilkes, M.Div.

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