Formed Based Codes: What are they, and can they be applied to Pasadena? Presented by Pasadena Heritage

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Date(s) - Apr 8, 2015
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Ganahl Lumber Lecture Space

Over the last generation, conventional zoning has been the cause of countless community battles over proposed new development projects in Pasadena. This is because it defines zones by use, is car centric, and entitles the volume of new buildings in mathematical rather than visual terms.

By contrast, form-based codes are place-based and use urban and architectural form (rather than the separation of uses) as a key organizing principle. They regulate private development, so that new projects can be made compatible with the existing places they are sited on. They accomplish this by directing designers and developers to focus on the relationship between building facades and the public realm, the form and mass of buildings in relation to one another, and the nature of existing streets and blocks.

But what is the potential of establishing a form-based code for Pasadena? Would it produce a functional and vital architecture and urbanism? Would it be enforceable, applicable everywhere, and be easy to use? How would existing codes be translated into a FBC?

Join us Wednesday, April 8th for a presentation by Stefanos Polyzoides of Moule & Polyzoides, Tony Perez of Opticos and urbanist Juan Gomez Novy, to explore these and related issues.

Tickets: $25 non-member / $20 members / $12 students w/ ID

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