Integrated Community Development and Planning: Resident Engagement, Neighborhood Assessments and Evidence-Based Outcomes

Date(s) - Sep 11, 2015
10:00 am - 11:30 am

Mississippi Chapter

The webcast presents an integrated approach to community development and planning through resident engagement. Discussions explore various strategies to involve residents in assessing conditions that may promote or impede community wellness. Areas for evaluative discussion include housing quality and affordability, social concerns, economic opportunities, infrastructure and environmental issues. The session offers participants the following: (1) Ideas specific to creating strong community-based organizations through resident engagement; (2) Suggestions about effective ways to involve community residents in assessment activities; (3) A list of possible community conditions to evaluate, and (4) Instructions on teaching community members how to conduct assessments and document findings. The webcast speaks to how community stakeholders, working collaboratively with planners, can optimize outcomes by incorporating diverse approaches to community development.

Speaker: Joan Marshall Wesley.  1.5 CM pending.

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