Link up & Tier Off: Connecting Land Use and Transportation with Programmatic Environmental Impact Reports – CM | 2.0

Date(s) - Nov 18, 2022
8:30 am - 10:30 am

In Person or Streaming Panel Discussion

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Members: $20/session
Non-Member – $30/session
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Members: $85.00 total
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Non-Member: $130.00 total

California simultaneously faces a housing crisis and a climate crisis that both require transformative approaches toward integrating land use and transportation planning to unify our analysis and achieve new outcomes. CEQA offers several programmatic environmental assessment options and subsequent project streamlining benefits that local and regional agencies can take advantage of to innovate during this time when urgent evolution of our planning practice is needed. In this session, we will hear how the City of Sacramento utilized a Master Environmental Impact Report to simultaneously analyze the Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) impacts of the General Plan Land Use and Mobility Elements under Senate Bill 743, thereby directly linking these two aspects of the City’s municipal planning program and achieving project approval streamlining benefits under CEQA’s tiering provisions.

Fedolia “Sparky” Harris, Principal Planner, City of Sacramento’s Public Works Department;
Ron Milam, Director of Evolving the Status Quo, Fehr & Peers;
Jeannie Lee, AICP, Chief Counsel, Governor’s Office of Planning and Research
Moderator: Neil Peacock, Senior Transportation Planner, Caltrans

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