Off the Shelf and Into Action, Creating an Implementable Comprehensive Plan

Date(s) - Aug 12, 2022
10:00 am - 11:30 am

CM #9251070

Guest Host: APA Pennsylvania Chapter

“The plan wasn’t implemented.” This is an all-too-common lament about comprehensive plans. It is a proverbial tale familiar even to those who are not planners. A plan sits on the shelf and collects dust. There are different things planners can do to create plans that are practical and lead to results. This webcast will discuss the “implementable comprehensive plan” approach, affirmative principles and steps communities can employ to create plans elected officials and citizens embrace and partners join in help implement. The webcast will highlight case studies and lessons learned as the “implementable comprehensive plan” has grown as a movement in Pennsylvania. The webcast will discuss five keys for an implementable plan. The keys include specific suggestions for a plan’s content, organization, process steps, and participants. The webinar will take a closer look at how the five keys have been applied in recent comprehensive plans to better involve elected officials and the public, undertake problem-solving work sessions, design workable action plans, and create capacity to implement the plan. The webinar will challenge planners. Are they driven by helping a community achieve its aspirations and address its problems and needs or by the exercise of writing a book? Do they focus on the real issues a community is facing or a perceived statutory template? Webcast presenters Denny Puko and Jim Pashek are pioneers of the implementable plan approach. Ideas they will present come from their new book Off the Shelf and Into Action, How to Create an Implementable Comprehensive Plan.

CM | 1.5