Parking Reform Made Easy: How to Make Smarter Parking Requirements

Date(s) - Oct 25, 2013
10:00 am - 11:30 am

Transportation Planning Division – CM Approved

Status quo parking requirements often stand in the way of making communities livable, equitable, and sustainable. Responding to criticisms of excessive minimum parking requirements, many planners feel that improvements should be made but they lack a solid procedure for generating reform. Webinar participants are provided with a handout showing a step-by-step technical and policy process for reforming parking requirements. A brief introduction explains that parking requirements are a policy choice, not merely a technical calculation. We then review the arguments for and against parking requirements, and highlight innovative parking requirement reform going on across the country. The core of the webinar is presentation and discussion of a 12-step process that can be used to reform parking requirements. These steps include technical issues concerning local parking utilization data and projecting parking utilization over the life of a project. Then we explore a series of policy-related steps for setting requirements that support broad community goals. The process emphasizes the need to evaluate prospective parking requirements in terms of their support for local goals. Examples of parking requirements for multifamily housing, workplaces, and mixed-use developments are highlighted. The webinar concludes by reviewing other elements of parking requirements, such as parking maximums and design requirements, and discussing a process for shepherding parking reform through the community and political process. Participants leave the webinar with a game plan for parking reform, whether it be a comprehensive rewrite of all requirements or a project specific requirement. The presentation is based on Parking Reform Made Easy, a new book on parking reform. Throughout the webinar, participants’ questions are collected and addressed.

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