Planning for Innovation in Transportation

Date(s) - Nov 19, 2021
10:00 am - 11:30 am


Sponsored by: APA Transportation Planning Division

The Transportation Planning Division (TPD) presents a session that will demonstrate the variation in, and breadth of the impact of, innovation in transportation. Andrew Wolpert, the Deputy Program Manager of Smart Columbus, will begin with an overview of that initiative, and its progress with integrating emerging modes. Next Justin Goodwin, the Transportation Planning Manager for the City of Columbus will speak about a distinct but synergistic program called LinkUs, which focuses on deployment of innovative infrastructure. Finally, Mackenzie Love, Regional Transportation Planner for the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority, will talk about her organization’s inaugural Transportation Technology Strategic Plan, which was developed as a tool to guide adoption of any form of innovation in a manner that is consistent with pre-established core values and objectives. After the conclusion of the presentations, attendees will be encouraged to ask questions and contribute to a discussion of how to best plan for the ever-evolving future of transportation.