Revitalizing Florence, South Carolina’s Downtown Neighborhoods 1.5 CM

Date(s) - Nov 20, 2015
10:00 am - 11:30 am

South Carolina Chapter

The session will give an overview of the Florence Neighborhood Revitalization Plan completed in December 2014, which presents steps toward the stabilization and redevelopment of three residential neighborhoods surrounding Downtown Florence. The Plan aims at guiding and leveraging the initial investment of $3 million in the neighborhoods by the city. The session will also include how the city has begun the implementation of the recommendations in the plan. Attendees in the session will learn about: (1) the challenges of urban redevelopment, including physical challenges (blight removal, land acquisition, infrastructure); financial constraints (lender financing for mortgages, construction loans, appraisals, etc.); regulatory hurdles; marrying sustainability, preservation and affordability; and managing community change; (2) An innovative spin on neighborhood redevelopment guided by the efforts of city government and the vision of a community; (3) Visioning plans (Neighborhood Action Plans) that have been done for urban neighborhoods, and how they are used to develop a strategic neighborhood implementation plan that can spur sustainable revitalization and redevelopment; (4) Specific tools and processes needed to develop urban neighborhoods revitalization strategies from leading experts in neighborhood revitalization; (5) Decision making process to select and evaluate projects to align with goals/objectives for neighborhood’s revitalization; (6) Revitalization plans that result in implementation strategies that are ready to be implemented within a short time frame with community buy-in and stakeholder input; (7) The realities and complexities within the implementation of proposed strategies with planning staff and director.   1.5 CM

Speakers: Jesse Wiles, Glenda Matute, Kendra Cobbs, Phillip Lookadoo, Scotty Davis

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