Deputy Director, Regional Planning Land Use Regulation

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Land Use

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Los Angeles County, Department of Regional Planning

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THE COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES The County of Los Angeles serves a demographically and geographically diverse population of more than 10 million residents. Employing over 100,000 employees in 38 departments who work in roles as broad as law, civil engineering, public safety, healthcare, and human services, the County operates with an annual budget of over $46 billion for the fiscal year 2023 - 2024. The County is a Fair Chance employer, committed to diversity and inclusiveness in its workforce. It is a culturally diverse economic and cultural hub, driving major elements of the national and world economies. It is the center for arts, media, and entertainment – unlike anywhere else in the world. LA COUNTY PLANNING LA County Planning (Department or LA County Planning), also known as the Department of Regional Planning, provides equitable planning, development and engagement for all unincorporated LA County residents and businesses to help create vibrant, sustainable, and resilient communities. There are four division managers, three Deputy Directors who oversee the planning divisions, and one Administrative Deputy who oversees the central administrative division for the Department, with each responsible for one of the following: Advance Planning; Current Planning; Land Use Regulation; and Information & Fiscal Services. The Department has 209 budgeted positions and an annual budget of over $44 million and provides staff support to the Regional Planning Commission, Airport Land Use Commission, Historic Landmarks and Records Commission, Hearing Officer and two County advisory boards focused on the protection of biological resources. In performing its core mission, LA County Planning supports major County initiatives related to the following: Sustainability; Homelessness/Affordable Housing; Equity Development; and Environmental Justice. LA County Planning is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. The centennial has prompted the Department to begin re-imagining the future of our Department and how we will continue to serve the residents of unincorporated LA County. This includes cosmetic changes, like a newly renovated headquarters office space (set to open in early 2024) in downtown LA and a recently completed rebranding effort with a new website, as well as a series of conversations about the history of regional planning and its impact, both positively and negatively, on the land use patterns within Los Angeles County. The Department is also finishing an intensive staff-driven yearlong strategic planning effort that included facilitated workshops on County anti-racism, diversity, and inclusion (ARDI) related issues, with a significant emphasis on building an understanding of the importance of equity, diversity, and inclusion. The Department will begin implementing its strategic plan update and year-one action plan focused on key priorities later this year. LA County Planning is also participating in a larger County-wide gender equity and diversity initiative. This work not only supports the Board of Supervisors’ ARDI efforts, but also the strategic planning efforts in which the Department is participating. More importantly, this represents a commitment from Departmental leadership that embedding equity into everything LA County Planning does, including how staff works together and what we work on, is a critical step in creating a more equitable LA County Planning. PAGE LA COUNTY PLANNING - DEPUTY DIRECTOR, LAND USE The Deputy Director of the Land Use Regulation Division (LUR) will be joining the Department at an opportune time. In addition to celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Regional Planning Commission in 2023, we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Department’s incorporation in 2024. Implementation of the Department’s strategic plan will require the LUR Division to transition from a traditional code enforcement function to a collaborative, neighborhood capacity building function. A heavy emphasis on examining and adjusting current procedures and processes to ensure the equitable delivery of services for unincorporated communities is expected. High touch engagement and language accessibility for all constituents in a culturally appropriate manner is also expected. The Deputy Director will manage approximately 50 personnel including supervising planners (section heads), technical experts, professional field staff and administrative support positions. LUR is currently organized into three geographically based sections whose staff respond based on a complaint-driven process to potential violations of land use policies and ordinances. The types of violations range from illegal dumping or grading and the destruction of sensitive habitat to unpermitted industrial uses creating nuisance or environmental health concerns to adjacent residents. LUR staff also conduct planned inspections of special category land uses, such as landfills and oil operations, and conduct annual inspections to ensure compliance with Conditional Use Permit conditions. LUR has perfected the use of drone technology and is a County leader in conducting certain types of inspections with drones. LUR also provides this service to other County departments when needed. The Division is also active in addressing complaints about unpermitted special event facilities, film events, and cannabis enforcement. The appointee will have a unique opportunity to reassess the functions of the Division in the context of equity, inclusivity, and the priorities laid out in the Department strategic plan update. It is expected that some of the more unique enforcement roles within LUR will remain relevant to the community, but other functions may diminish or cease to exist entirely. This executive will work with the Deputy Directors of the Advance Planning and Current Planning Divisions as well as the Administrative Deputy of the Information & Fiscal Services Division to introduce and expand upon a streamlined, collaborative educational outreach and engagement strategy that is sensitive to community needs. When operating optimally, this strategy will help the Divisions collaborate to proactively address the code-related challenges that communities face, drastically reducing the need for reactive and punitive enforcement measures. Working closely with staff to achieve these goals is necessary to ensure a successful transition to a participatory process of problem-solving.

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THE OPPORTUNITY The Deputy Director of LUR reports to the Chief Deputy Director and up to the Director of Regional Planning. This position actively engages in the overall management of the Department with responsibility for directing, through subordinate supervisors, the land use regulation and zoning enforcement functions of the Department. The appointee must have a thorough knowledge of a wide range of technical planning principles. The principles of change management, equity and diversity, organizational management, and high touch customer service are required to plan, organize, direct, and evaluate the work of the Division. The successful candidate will join other seasoned individuals on the executive leadership team for LA County Planning. THE IDEAL CANDIDATE The ideal candidate will be a proven leader in community and neighborhood development with direct experience in the participatory process of solving community issues. Development and implementation of neighborhood leadership academies is also relevant to this position. Strong knowledge of writing and enforcing zoning codes and specific plans, empowerment-focused community engagement with active stakeholder groups, and working in a fast-paced environment is expected. This position requires the necessary management and leadership skills to direct and guide the Division’s staff in developing and implementing operational efficiencies and enhancing customer service. A director who offers support, mentoring, and optimism, and who spends time developing staff’s technical skills is critical. The ideal candidate must have proven experience in successfully leading change that results in tangible organizational improvements, and the ability to recognize innovative approaches to serving communities. The ability to offer and implement constructive solutions will be critical for success. This position requires an active, working leader, and manager. As such, the ideal candidate will possess seasoned leadership skills but will also not be afraid to lead by example and do the work themselves. The ideal candidate will have a proven track record of building relationships with elected and appointed officials and community stakeholders. A highly competent candidate fluent in best practices in change management, community engagement, and delivery of new or reformulated policies is also ideal. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in Urban Planning, Architecture, Urban Design, or a closely related field and a minimum of five years of progressively responsible management experience, including at least one year in a management capacity, with experience working in one or more of the following areas: Community Development, Planning, or Economic Development. Management experience must include work in a geographic region (city, county, or regional organization) with a population of at least 50,000 residents. DESIRABLES • Master’s degree in Urban Planning, Architecture, Urban Design, or a closely related field. • Member of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) of the American Planning Association. • Demonstrated community engagement experience with diverse community groups, private or public agencies, and planning organizations of federal, State, county, or city agencies. • Demonstrated management skills in project development, master planning, budget administration, contract administration, strategic planning, and other administrative areas involved in a planning department. • Demonstrated experience in leadership, mentoring, team building, and conflict resolution. • Excellent project management and presentation skills, including oral and written communication. • Active, firm, and fair manager who sets expectations, delegates, and ensures accountability. • Conversational proficiency in another language.

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$158,835 - $247,020

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BENEFITS The County provides an excellent benefits package that allows employees to choose benefits that meet their specific needs. The package includes: •Retirement Plan – The successful candidate will participate in a defined benefit plan. •Cafeteria Benefit Plan – Benefits may be purchased from the MegaFlex Cafeteria Benefit Plan using a tax- free County contribution of an additional 14.5% to 17% of the employee’s monthly salary. •Flexible Spending Accounts – In addition to tax-free medical and dependent care spending accounts, the County contributes $75 per month to the Dependent Care Spending Account. •Savings Plan (401k) – Optional tax-deferred income plan that may include a County matching contribution up to 4% of employee’s salary. •Deferred Compensation Plan (457) – Optional tax-deferred income plan that may include a County matching contribution up to 4% of employee’s salary. •Holidays – 13 paid days per year. HOW TO APPLY Please go to: to create an online profile and submit your application, letter of interest, resume, degree verification, and contact information for three professional references. For confidential inquiries, please contact: LaTanya L. Hill, JD Executive Recruiter Talent Acquisition Division Department of Human Resources (323) 428-0745 [email protected]

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Urban Planning

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320 W. Temple Street
Los Angeles, California

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LaTanya L. Hill, JD Executive Recruiter


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(323) 428-0745