Director of Community Development

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City of Indio

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***Please go to the following links for additional detailed information: Director of Community Development and Apply*** DEFINITION: Under administrative direction, plans, directs and supervise the administrative and technical work in the development, implementation and maintenance of the City's Planning, Building and Housing activities, including neighborhood programs, community development block grants, and redevelopment functions; implements policies and procedures for the department; coordinates activities with other City divisions and departments, outside agencies and organizations; organizes, supervises, reviews and participates in the work of professional, technical and office support staff; makes recommendations to the City Council, Planning Commission and other city staff and commissions on planning issues; performs other related duties as required. DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: The Director of Community Development is the administrative management level position that exercises full responsibility for planning, organizing and directing the work activities of the City's Planning, Building and Housing activities, including neighborhood programs, community development block grants, and redevelopment functions. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: (include but are not limited to the following) • Performs a variety of supervisory, administrative and technical work in the development, implementation and maintenance of the City's Planning and Building activities; prepares and administers the department's budget. • Administers and coordinates a variety of services, including current and long-range planning, zoning, development, environmental review, and traffic planning. • Develops, analyzes, recommends and implements goals, objectives, policies and priorities for housing, neighborhood programs, community development block grants, redevelopment and related programs. • Participates in the development, implementation and maintenance of department goals, objectives, policies, and procedures; reviews and evaluates work methods and procedures for improving organizational performance and meeting department goals; ensures that goals are achieved. • Plans, coordinates, and directs planning activities involved in the performance of ordinance administration, city and area planning studies, research and coordination, subdivision, and historic preservation. • Directs and participates in the preparation and presentation of complex reports and projects to the Planning Commission, City Council, community groups, and the public at large. • Identifies possible changes to the Municipal Code and polices as relates to planning and prepares reports for the Planning Commission and/or City Council regarding same. • Establishes and maintains liaisons with appropriate governmental bodies, private firms, organizations and individuals to assist in achieving objectives and ensuring compliance with appropriate laws and development standards. • Represents the City's interests in local, regional and state activities and organizations. • Negotiates and administers contracts, manages contract employees and/or consultants. • Monitors case law, state and federal legislation and their impact on the City of Indio. • Coordinates annexation proceedings. • Coordinates the selection, orientation, training and evaluation programs for assigned personnel; provides or coordinates staff training; provides positive motivation for employee performance; identifies and resolves staff deficiencies; fulfills discipline procedures; reviews the work of staff to ensure compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws, codes and regulations. • Serves as staff liaison to the Planning Commission. • Establishes positive working relationships with representatives of community organizations, state/local agencies and associations, City management and staff, and the public. OTHER DUTIES: (include but are not limited to the following) • Performs other related duties as required.

Required Skills / Experience / Education

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: (The following are minimal qualifications necessary for entry into the classification.) Education: The required qualification is to possess a Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in Urban or Regional Planning, Public Administration, Architecture, Engineering or a related field. Experience: The required qualification is to possess six (6) years of increasingly responsible experience in urban planning, including three (3) years administrative or supervisory capacity. License/Certificate: Possession of a valid Class C California driver's license. KNOWLEDGE/ABILITIES/SKILLS: (The following are a representative sample of the KSA's necessary to perform essential duties of the position.) Knowledge of: Theories, trends, concepts, principles, and legal aspects of city and regional planning, urban development and design, redevelopment, and zoning administration; principles and practices of housing, community development block grants and redevelopment policies and programs; the impact of physical, economic, aesthetic, and social factors on city and regional planning, including development of urban and suburban environments; governmental organizations and operations and community organizations/agencies; methods and techniques of supervision, training, and motivation; basic principles of mathematics; applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations relating to municipal planning and zoning; standard office procedures, practices, and equipment; modern office practices, methods, and equipment, including a computer and applicable software; methods and techniques for record keeping and report preparation and writing; proper English, spelling and grammar; occupational hazards and standard safety practices. Skill to: Operate an office computer and a variety of word processing and software applications. Ability to: Plan, coordinate, and direct the work of professionals in planning and urban design; engage in highly complex planning studies and policy formulation processes; plan and implement housing, neighborhood programs, community development block grants and redevelopment programs and projects; explain City codes, practices, procedures, and objectives to public and private agencies, organizations, and individuals; work effectively with a variety of community groups and agencies; prepare analytical reports of a budgetary, technical, and evaluative nature; train, supervise, and evaluate subordinate staff; maintain records and write reports; follow written and oral directions; observe safety principles and work in a safe manner; communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing; establish and maintain effective working relationships.

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$155,100.00 - $229,154.04 Annually

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MEDICAL/DENTAL/VISION INSURANCE: A flex benefit is provided monthly. There are several medical insurance programs, two dental plans and one vision plan from which to choose. RETIREMENT: City participates in the 2% @ 62 for new PERS miscellaneous members and 2.7 @ 57 for New PERS sworn program. The City also participates in social security. Please contact Human Resources if you are an existing PERS member. DEFERRED COMPENSATION: Voluntary employee contribution, a choice of two 457 plans. VACATION LEAVE: Based on length of employment with the City. 0-4 years = .3.08 hours, 4<7 years = 4.62 hours, 7<10 years = 5.54 hours, 10 years = 6.15 hours, 11 years = 6.46 hours, 12 years = 6.77 hours, 13 years = 7.08 hours, 14 years = 7.39. 15 more years = 7.69. Maximum vacation accumulation shall be three (3) times that employee's annual accrual coinciding with his/her current rate of earning. Upon reaching this ceiling, no more vacation shall accumulate until vacation is taken. ADMINISTRATIVE LEAVE TIME: Executive Management, Management, Confidential and Unrepresented FLSA exempt employees are entitled to 80 hours of Administrative Leave on an annual basis. Administrative Leave Time shall have no cash remuneration value and no more than sixteen (16) hours may be carried over into the next fiscal year. Administrative Leave Time must be used in a minimum increment of four (4) hours. HOLIDAYS: City observes thirteen (13) holidays each year. LONG-TERM DISABILITY (LTD): Benefit pays 66.67% of earnings to a maximum of $10,000 per month; 60 day waiting period; pays to age 65. Benefit can be coordinated with other available leave balances providing 100% of pay. LIFE INSURANCE: $50,000 term life. Premiums paid by the City. Additional Supplemental Life plan is available for purchase. MILEAGE: Employees who are required to use their personal vehicles for City business shall be reimbursed at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) standard mileage rate. EDUCATION REIMBURSEMENT: May be reimbursed for actual cost, subject to availability of funds. OTHER: There may be other benefit provisions as specified in the applicable Memorandum of Understanding, or Resolution. Please contact the recruiter listed on the job posting directly for more information.

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Permanent Full-Time



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Municipal government

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100 Civic Center Mall
Indio, California

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Venez Duong


[email protected]

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(760) 391-4066