Mission Statement

The APA California Policy and Legislation Program is a comprehensive strategy to influence public policy as it relates to planning issues and support efforts to promote excellence in planning across California.

The Legislative Program is overseen by the APA California Vice President for Policy and Legislation and administered by the APA California’s Lobbying firm, Stefan/George Associates. The purpose of the program is to monitor and influence the drafting of planning legislation and regulations in the State of California, to inform the planning community of the impacts of new planning legislation and regulations, to actively participate in APA’s National Policy and Legislative Programs, and to monitor and participate in important court cases related to planning issues through filing “friends of the court” briefs. The Policy and Legislation Program has four main components:

  • Legislative Advocacy and Lobbying
  • Education and Information to Members, the Press and Government
  • Sponsorship of Legislation
  • Legal Advocacy through the Amicus Committee

Contact Us

If you have questions about the APA Legislative Program, please contact us as follows:

Vice President of Legislation

Erik de Kok