2022 Position Letters


AB 1945 (Support) (Aguiar-Curry) Affordable Disaster Housing Revolving Development Acquisition Program

Assembly Bill 1945, which would, upon appropriation by the Legislature, establish the Affordable Disaster Housing Revolving Development and Acquisition Program. This program would expedite relief funding for the development or preservation of affordable housing in the state’s declared disaster areas that have experienced damage or loss of homes that were occupied by lower-income households.

AB 2097 (SUPPORT) (Friedman) Statewide Prohibitions on Minimum Parking Requirements for Residential and Commercial Developments Near Public Transit

Assembly bill 2097 would eliminate minimum automobile parking requirements for both residential and commercial developments that are located within a ½ mile of public transit, as defined.

AB 2334 (Support) (Wicks) Density Bonus Enhancements in Low Vehicle Travel Areas

Assembly bill 2334 allows a 100% affordable housing development project to receive added height and unlimited density if the project is located in an urbanized low vehicle travel area, at least 80 percent of the units are restricted to lower income households, and no more than 20 percent are for moderate income households. Additionally, AB 2334 makes various technical changes to the Density Bonus statute.

ACA 14 (Support) (Wicks) Housing opportunities for Everyone (HOpE) Act — Ongoing Funding for Affordable Housing

Assembly Constitutional Amendment (ACA) 14 would create the Housing Opportunities for Everyone (HOpE) Act. The Act establishes a ten-year funding commitment in the Constitution that dedicates five percent from California’s general fund to the state’s affordable housing and homelessness crisis. Investments under the Act will be based on a funding strategy with specific accountability metrics to measure outcomes and progress.


SB 852 (Support) (Dodd) Climate Resilience Districts

Senate Bill 852 would permit the establishment of local climate resilience districts to raise funds to plan and implement projects and programs developed ito address Climate Change through adaptation and mitigation.

SB 922 (Support) (Wiener) California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Exemption for Sustainable transportation Projects

Senate Bill 922 would remove the sunset date provide in SB 288 for sustainable transportation projects applicable to the provisions of the statute. In addition, the bill will provide important clarity for implementation purposes and stronger protections for risks against displacement, among many other changes.

SB 932 (Oppose unless amended) (Portantino) General plans, circulation element

Senate Bill 932 would make significant, unprecedented, and overly prescriptive changes to the requirements of the circulation element of local general plans; impose costly, unfunded mandates for physical changes to local transportation infrastructure; and expose local governments to significant legal liability.

SCA 2 (Support) (Allen & Wiener) Repeal of Article 34 Voter Approval of Housing Projects

Senate Constitutional Amendment 2 proposes to place an initiative on the ballot in 2022 to repeal Article 34 of the California Constitution. Passed by voters in 1950, Article 34 requires a majority approval of the voters of a city or county for the development, construction, or acquisition of a publicly funded “low-rent housing project.”