Amicus Committee

The APA California Amicus Curiae Committee reviews significant court cases, and when deemed appropriate, files or joins in friend of the court briefs on issues important to planning in California.

The committee is a standing committee consisting of land use attorneys and planners from around the State. The Committee is chaired by Vivian Kahn and members include John Terrell, Vice President for Policy and Legislation. The Committee always includes the Director of the applicable APA California section in deliberations regarding involvement in cases from that region.

If you have questions regarding the Amicus Committee, or have a case that may be of interest to the Committee, please contact Eric Phillips, Vice President of Policy and Legislation at [email protected] or Vivian Kahn at [email protected].

Members of the Amicus Committee:

Vivian Kahn, Chair
Bill Abbott
Al Herson
Tom Jacobson
Barb Kautz
Steve Preston
David Snow
John Terell

Amicus Committee Brief:

Lamar Central Outdoor LLC vs City of Los Angeles
Barbara Lynch and Thomas Frick v. California Coastal Commission
Cleveland National Forest Foundation v. San Diego Association of Governments
Sierra Club v Fresno County