APA Statement on Takings Measures

American Planning Association

For Immediate Release: November 8, 2006

Jason Jordan, APA Consultant, 202-607-3762
Roberta Rewers, APA, 312-786-6395

Planners pleased with defeat of three ‘takings’ measures

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The American Planning Association, the national association representing more than 41,000 urban, suburban, and rural planners, is pleased that takings measures in California, Idaho, and Washington state were defeated, but is disappointed that the takings measure in Arizona passed.

“It is encouraging that several states saw through outsider interests and chose instead to uphold the importance of our current property rights system and planning in our communities,” said Paul Farmer, faicp, Executive Director and CEO of the American Planning Association. “We can only hope that Arizona will quickly understand the dangers that lie ahead and will correct course.”

“In the wake of yesterday’s results, we are urging concerned citizens to stay involved in discussions, as additional takings initiatives are likely to arise in other states and jurisdictions,” said Farmer. “Those who would like to make a quick buck off their fellow citizens were not completely victorious, but they’ll be back.”

Takings initiatives were on the ballots in Arizona, California, Idaho, and Washington state. Initiatives were defeated in California, Idaho, and Washington. The Arizona initiative passed. More information about the ballot measures is available at www.planning.org.

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