Legislative Review Team

The APA California Legislative Review Team is comprised of APA California members that have a wide range of planning experience. The Legislative Review Team helps to provide expertise and professional opinions to the APA California Vice President for Policy & Legislation and Chapter lobbyist to help shape APA California positions on pending legislation in the California State Legislature and state agency regulations.

The Legislative Review Team meets once every March to review pending legislation introduced for the year. At that time, positions on pending legislation will be considered. This meeting is offered virtually as well as in person with locations in Sacramento and Los Angeles. Subsequent meetings are held as needed throughout the year and the Legislative Review Team will receive information and requests via email from the VP for Policy and Legislation and Chapter lobbyist. Legislative Review Team members are not required to participate/provide feedback on every request but are asked to do so when possible. The Legislative Review Team will also receive advanced notice of announcements on legislative/regulatory issues and frequent legislative updates.


Current APA California members are invited to apply to join the Legislative Review Team by filling out the following application.

Meeting Agenda


March 4