SB 50 and SB 4 Housing Measures Merged

Sacramento State Capitol

In the Senate Governance and Finance Committee this morning, the authors of two of this year’s major housing bills announced a framework for a compromise that will merge SB 50 and SB 4 into one, along with a number of amendments to both bills.

Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco), Chair of the Senate Housing Committee and Senator Mike McGuire (D-Santa Rosa), Chair of the Senate Governance and Finance Committee, have been working for the past several months to reconcile the two measures with provisions that both authors could agree to meet their core goals. As a result, SB 50 will be the vehicle for this compromise going forward. Senator Beall also will be a co-author on the bill and is proposing to advance SB 50 as part of a package of bills that deal with the housing crisis from various angles, including funding for housing and infrastructure, identification of surplus properties that can be used for affordable housing and streamlining.

To view the authors’ outline of intended amendments, follow this link to APA California’s website. APA California believes that the concept behind many of the changes are productive and in line with APA’s goals and principles, including higher density in infill/growth areas linked to transit
and increasing affordability near major transit stops.

However, the actual bill reflecting the specific language implementing these compromise amendments is not yet in print. APA will need to see the actual text of the proposed amendments to understand their full impacts. Once the amendments are in print, we will post the updated bill on the APA website for members to review. We will also continue discussing amendments with
our Legislative Review Team members to evaluate the amended version of SB 50 and to identify what, if any, additional suggested amendments may be appropriate to provide to the authors.

If you are interested in SB 50 and would like to review the updated version of SB 50 when it is in print, please contact APA California’s Vice President for Policy and Legislation Eric Phillips at [email protected]. If you want to join APA California’s Legislative Review Team and help review all of the substantive legislation that impacts planning beyond SB 50, please contact APA California’s Administrative Director Lauren De Valencia, [email protected].