The California Department of Housing and Community Development Announces the Release of an RFP for an Innovative New Program

The California Department of Housing and Community Development is pleased to announce the release of an RFP for an innovative new Program: the Catalyst Projects for California Sustainable Strategies Pilot Program (Program). Approximately 6 development projects will be selected as Catalyst Projects in communities throughout California to incentivize sustainable communities and test innovative strategies designed to increase housing supply and affordability; improve jobs and housing relationships; stimulate job creation and retention; enhance transportation modal choices that reflect community values, preserve open space and agricultural resources; promote public health; eliminate toxic threats; address blighted properties; reduce green house gas emissions and increase energy conservation and independence.

As you will see, the Program reflects a coordinated effort by multiple state agencies to support local innovation, develop projects that integrate environmental, economic and housing goals and test strategies for broad implementation throughout the California. The Program will also engage our regional partners and support efforts to implement Regional Blueprints and address the goals of SB 375.

Completed RFPs are due February 11, 2009. If you have any questions about the RFP or the goals of the Program please contact Cathy Creswell at the number below.

Cathy Creswell
Deputy Director
California Department of Housing and Community Development
(916) 323-3176