Chapter Dues Rate When Joining National APA

In January 2017, the APA California Board of Directors voted unanimously to change the Chapter dues structure from a flat rate of $105.00 per year to a sliding scale based on a percentage of each member’s APA dues. As we know, APA National dues are based on each member’s annual income. Under the new Chapter dues structure adopted by the Board, California members with lower incomes will see their dues decrease, while members at the upper end of the income scale will see a modest increase.

The Chapter Board did not change the dues for Chapter-only members, which remains at $125.00 annually.

The Board adopted this change for two reasons: First, tying Chapter dues to the income-based formula for APA dues is inherently more equitable; California members who are in lower-paid positions will pay lower Chapter dues than members who earn more. Second, a percentage-based dues structure will provide greater financial stability to the Chapter and avoid the need for the Chapter to periodically revisit the dues structure. Chapter dues were last increased in 2012.

The rate adopted by the Board is 40 percent of the member’s APA National dues. National dues are based on a member’s reported annual income in one of 11 income categories. At 40 percent, about 1/3 of APA California members (5 out of 11 income categories) will see their Chapter dues go down. The balance of the membership will see an increase ranging from $3 per year for members in the “middle” category ($70,000 to $70,999) to $49 per year for members at the top end of the salary scale ($120,000/year and up). Keep in mind that members always have the option to pay their APA dues in monthly installments rather than a single annual payment. Information is available at

APA California and its 8 Sections remain committed to providing the highest possible level of service to its members and Chapter dues are the primary funding source for these services. APA California members receive a discount on our own annual conference, which rivals the National Planning Conference in scope and content, discounts on training for professional development and certification maintenance, plenty of networking opportunities, access to job and RFP/RFQ postings, subscription to the outstanding CalPlanner newsletter and a legislative advocacy program that is the envy of APA Chapters around the country. This year, the Chapter Board looks to roll out new member services, including a “Conference on the Road” program and advocacy training that members can use in their communities and in Sacramento.

The change in Chapter dues will be effective as members renew their annual APA membership beginning in the second quarter of 2017. This change does not affect members’ APA National dues.