NEW – Member Financial Support Program

The foundation of any professional association is its members. Without a diverse and engaged membership, an association can no longer be relevant. For the first time in a decade, APA California experienced a significant drop in membership. The downturn in the economy is confronting many of our members with a difficult decision – either to renew their membership or to commit those funds for other needs. The APA California Board of Directors wants to provide relief for those contemplating dropping their memberships.

The APA California Board has committed $50,000 from its reserve account towards a membership/conference support program. $30,000 will be established in a separate account to provide direct financial support towards membership fees. $20,000 will be set aside in a fund to provide financial support for those members in need to attend this year’s state conference at Squaw Creek. If you are unemployed or if your household income has dropped substantially, then this program is designed for you.

If you are unemployed, membership in APA California can be your strongest link to future opportunities. Reports state that 80 percent of all jobs are attained through networking. APA California wants to help you maintain those networking opportunities. Your local sections will be providing increased opportunities for networking in the coming months. The conference this year will also provide you numerous opportunities to meet with planning professionals throughout the state. We want you to stay connected.

Please review the numerous options available to you on the APA California Member Financial Support Program chart. No request for proof of financial hardship will be required. We are a family. This program will be run on the honor system. APA California wants to offer as much support as possible in these unprecedented times. If you would like to take advantage of this new program, please review the options available and then contact the APA California offices at [email protected] or (916) 736-2434.