NEW – Unemployed member rate

The APA California Board has approved an annual unemployment renewal rate of $25 for Chapter-Only members. To be eligible to apply, the person would have to be a current APA or Chapter-Only member and must request the unemployment rate every year upon renewal. Please contact the State APA California office at 916.736.2324 or [email protected] for additional information.

This reduced membership rate is for Chapter-Only membership renewals. In other words, if you are a National APA member (pay your dues to the Chicago APA office), and you request this Chapter-Only rate, you will be giving up your National membership, which is required for AICP and FAICP members to maintain their certification.

f you are a National APA member and want to maintain that status you can contact the National APA office at 312.431.9100 or [email protected] and request their unemployment rate. Here is the Information about that discount:

Unemployment eligibility: Upon request of the member via e-mail or phone, and subject to management approval. Active (current and continuous) APA membership for the past 3 or more years entitles you to 1 year of membership dues at the unemployment rate for a maximum of 5 years (15 years of active service). This is not a billable rate, so you will have to request the unemployment rate every year upon renewal.

Unemployment rates: APA dues $50, Chapter dues $10, AICP (if applicable) $25. All publications and divisions are at regular price.

Below is a list of Chapter-Only membership benefits and restrictions.

As a Chapter-Only member, you will be entitled to:
All Chapter and Section publications, including the California Planner.
A discount at the annual APA California state conference.
The opportunity to participate on the APA California Legislative Review Teams.
Membership in the California Planning Foundation (CPF).

As a Chapter-Only member, you will not be entitled to:
National APA publications.
Other National APA services, such as legislative representation in Washington D.C.
Group rates on insurance, and JobMart services.
Eligibility as members of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP).
A discount at the National APA Conference.