Retired, Life & Unemployed

National APA provides targeted membership services to retired, life and unemployed members.


A member who meets all of the following criteria may apply to change his/her APA membership type to “Retired”:

  • Has been a member in good standing continuously for at least 10 years.
  • Is at least 65 years of age.
  • Does not engage in any profession, business, or trade (this excludes part time non-planning or nonprofessional work). Planners practicing part time or who were retired and return to the workforce no longer meet this criterion. Please note: This excludes part-time non-planning or nonprofessional work.

This switch qualifies members for reduced dues. An AICP member who qualifies as retired by these criteria is also exempt from CM requirements. Some members who qualify as retired may have their APA membership type changed to “Life” after they have been continuous members for 25 years. These members are also exempt from CM requirements. See for more information.


Members who have been continuous members for 25 years can also apply to have their membership changed to “life” and receive reduced dues. If you are currently paying dues at the Life member rate and you meet the criteria above for retired status, then you qualify for the CM exemption. Please complete the Verification of Life Membership Status Form (pdf) by contacting


Unemployed members may apply to pay dues at a reduced rate or in monthly installments. Please contact to inquire about your eligibility and requirements.