The American Planning Association, California Chapter Board, has unanimously voted to endorse Jeff Lambert for National APA President-Elect

The California Chapter represents 14% of the Total APA membership, a very large voting block. In order to voice our opinion on the direction the national organization moves, we must use our voting power to elect those individuals who we believe will support our opinion. If we get our membership to vote for candidates we endorse, we will have a greater influence on decisions made by the National American Planning Association Board of Directors. As an APA member, it is critical that you vote in this national election. The Chapter Board reviewed the APA President-Elect candidate statements from both, Jeffrey Lambert, AICP and Mitchell Silver, AICP. The candidate statement prepared by Jeffrey Lambert, AICP, with its message of focusing on the members, resonated with our Board.

An email was sent to you on March 2, 2010, from the following email address:

The subject line in the email was as follows:

    American Planning Association’s 2010 Election Ballot

Find the email and click on the link in the email. The link is only for your member number.

Please take the time to cast your vote for all of the National APA offices up for election.