Young Professionals

Both National APA, APA California and the Sections provide a wide variety of resources for planners new to the profession.

Training for New Professionals

APA has a number of streaming education products that benefit the needs of new professionals, including:

  • Regulating First Amendment Land Uses
  • Redevelopment and Revitalization for a New Era
  • Informed Decisions: A Guide to Gathering Facts and Evidence
  • Historic Preservation, Sustainability, and the Recent Past
  • Ethics in Planning
  • Mechanics of Code Writing
  • Retrofitting Corridors

The list is always growing. Visit the National APA Store to find a comprehensive library of streaming products and books of special interest to new professionals.

APA Membership

Membership for new professionals is a great way to get involved with APA. Student members can become new professional members after they complete their schooling. Find out more about membership.

A Conference for New Professionals

Planners new to the profession can find the skill-building training and cutting-edge information they need at APA’s National Planning Conference. Build your schedule with the right mix of programs for new professionals, training workshops, and sessions.

Members-Only Resources

Members of APA may find these articles for new professionals interesting and helpful.

APA California and Section New Professional Opportunities

APA California has appointed a Young Planners Coordinator to its Board of Directors that is the contact for young professionals in California. Section Boards have similar positions. The State Conference and the local Sections also provide a number of sessions and workshops geared to assist new professionals entering the planning field. In addition, Sacramento Section published the “Young Planners Handbook” that is available on the website.