APA Leadership Message – New Certification for Planners

To: APA Leadership

Recently, an email solicitation was sent to a number of APA and AICP leaders which sought to promote a new certification for planners.

Neither APA nor its professional institute AICP have been involved in any certifications developed by outside entities. Neither APA nor its professional institute are in any way affiliated with any certification except AICP.

No other certification can imply a relationship with APA or AICP; and in any instance where such a relationship is implied, all parties will be notified by formal letter of our intention to protect our own certification and all our legal rights.

This is the only statement that should be posted on websites, listserves, or other communications devices of APA or its components, including Chapters and Divisions. No characterizations of other certifications should be made by APA or any of its components.

This statement may be modified by APA as appropriate in the future.
Check the leadership section of the website for any future updates.

Mike Welch
American Planning Association
Director of Leadership
p: 312-786-6372
[email protected]