Current CEQA Guidelines Update

The Governor’s Office of Planning and Research is pleased to announce the availability of the following documents related to the Guidelines Implementing the California Environmental Quality Act:

  • A comprehensive package of proposed amendments to the CEQA Guidelines
  • A “Thematic Responses to Comments” document explaining some of the major themes in the comments that OPR received on this package and the thematic responses to those concerns
  • A “Frequently Asked Questions” document answering some specific questions that OPR commonly received during the public review process
  • A technical advisory on evaluating transportation impacts
  • The public comments received during the public review process
  • The technical research supporting the proposal
  • A list of the numerous stakeholder groups OPR met with or held briefings for over the past four years

All of these documents and additional information are available on OPR’s website at The comprehensive package of proposed amendments also includes the proposed update to the analysis of transportation impacts pursuant to Senate Bill (SB) 743. Specific information about SB 743 is available at

The Natural Resources Agency will soon begin the formal administrative rulemaking process under the Administrative Procedure Act. Notice of future activity on the CEQA Guidelines will be posted on OPR’s website and distributed through the CEQA Guidelines List Serve. Please sign-up to stay connected. The Natural Resources Agency will also post updated information about the rulemaking process on its website,

OPR plans on opening public comment on these Guidelines in the next few weeks and will hold at least one public hearing before the proposal becomes final, with the Guidelines going into effect sometime in 2018.