Governor Brown Delivers 2018 State of the State Address: “California is Setting the Pace for America”

The Governor’s last State of the State address just ended. See press release of the address here. His proposals are consistent with his budget policies. One interesting note though: he did not mention housing at all. Below are the key highlights:

  • He is planning a new Forest Management Task Force to reassess how the forests are managed to reduce devastating fires. (This was also in his budget.)
  • He again mentioned the September UN-sponsored Climate Summit in SF.
  • In his list of accomplishments, he mentioned the zero emission vehicle programs, the extension of Cap & Trade, and SB 617. He also dinged the President as the only one who doesn’t support GHG emission actions.
  • On SB 617: he said for the first time the state will be able to zero in on pollutants that impact specific neighborhoods “that are currently disadvantaged by trains, trucks or factories”.

His priorities in 2018:

  • The state will continue the next round of groundwater, safe drinking water and water storage project funding including the now single tunnel proposal.
  • SB 1 implementation and funding of highways, bridges and transit will begin. “25 other states have raised gas taxes. I will do everything I can do to defeat any ballot measure to repeal the gas tax.”
  • HSR: “I like trains and I like high speed trains even better.” He said that the Bay Bridge and most major infrastructure projects take longer and are more expensive as they are being built because such important projects take time. He said “we’ve got the HSR budget covered”. He discussed the LA and Bay Area segments being completed, and that the next segment will be the Valley portion to San Jose. HSR is “cheaper than new airports or new freeways…and will last for 100 years”. He also said that HSR will be a significant job generator for years. “California’s bolder path is still our way forward.”
  • He also asked the Legislature to consider reforming and simplifying the criminal justice codes and system, and is advocating for an online jobs training option for people out of work.

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