SB 50 Fails 18 – 15

Over the past two days SB 50 was taken up twice on the Senate floor, but it failed to pass on a vote of 18-15 each time. Therefore, SB 50 will not meet the January 31 deadline to move to the Assembly, and the bill fails. It is expected that Senator Wiener will introduce a new 2020 version of SB 50 by the bill introduction deadline on February 21st.   Senate Pro Temp Atkins said after the final vote that the status quo is not acceptable, everyone needs to get ready to come to the table and compromise, and a housing production bill will succeed this year to help alleviate the state’s housing crisis. 

APA California’s legislative platform calls for planning for higher densities in urban areas with a range of housing types, minimizing constraints to housing production, and encouraging adequate state resources to meet the demand for housing at all income levels in connection with community infrastructure and services. Accordingly, we look forward to engaging with our membership and state and local leaders during the remainder of 2020 as we work together to help