SB 50 Made 2 Year Bill by the Senate Appropriations Committee

As previously shared with the membership, APA California has been monitoring the progress of Senator Wiener’s and Senator McGuire’s SB 50 through the Senate. Today, the Senate Appropriations Committee made SB 50 a two-year bill, which means it will not be considered until 2020.

We know this is important legislation, and our members have strong opinions regarding its future. We have been involved in trying to improve SB 50 so that it promotes higher density in infill and growth areas linked to transit, minimum average density and affordability near major transit stops, through the use of good planning principals.

We appreciate the efforts the authors and sponsors have made to improve SB 50 to date, and the Chapter will continue to be engaged with their offices when the bill returns next year.

To volunteer for the Legislative Review Team and help with this and future legislative efforts, please email Eric Phillips, Vice President for Policy and Legislation, at [email protected]