Hear about the wireless “shot clocks” and the “deemed granted” processes imposed on California local governments through the FCC’s 2009 and 2014 rulings, AB 57 (which becomes effective 1/1/16), and Section 6409.

AB 57 creates an “automatic approval” for wireless facilities (whether on a rooftop, on a fake tree, or cell antennas and equipment mounted on a new wooden utility pole in the public right-of-way) if the city/county does not make a decision within 90/150 days.

Please join SCAN for chapter meetings in both Southern California (Fountain Valley on Thursday, January 21) and Northern California (San Francisco on Thursday, February 4) for “A Primer on Wireless Shot Clocks.”

Sign-in for each meeting will commence at 9:30 a.m., and the meetings will conclude by 12:00 p.m.  Stay tuned for registration details - these chapter meetings are open to both SCAN members and non-members.

California local governments face a variety of “shot clocks” and “deemed granted” processes through not only the FCC’s 2009 and 2014 rulings, but also AB 57 (which becomes effective in January 2016).

Join SCAN to hear the following panelists discuss the effects of these shot clocks on local governments:

  • Robert “Tripp” May III, Telecom Law Firm, PC (Northern and Southern California)
  • Trevor Lottes, President, Kapstone Planning (Southern California)
  • Stephen Higa, Principal Planner, City of Irvine (Southern California)
  • Michael W. Shonafelt, Newmeyer & Dillion (Southern California)
  • Paul Albritton, McKenzie & Albritton (Northern California)
  • Sarah Burbidge, McKenzie & Albritton (Northern California
  • Omar Masry, Wireless Planner, City of San Francisco (Northern California)

To register, go to: