APA Needs your help to support the Livable Communities Act and federal sustainability appropriations!

The message below was sent to you last week regarding support of the Livable Communities Act and federal sustainability appropriations but the attachment for the Districts Meeting Toolkit was apparently dropped. Click here for that document.

The American Planning Association has embarked on an effort to mobilize its members to support the Livable Communities Act and the appropriation of federal funds for various sustainability programs. If passed, these federal bills will provide needed funding for various planning initiatives. A significant part of APA’s effort is a push to have planners visit each Congressperson’s in-district office between now and September 10, 2010. In support of that effort, APA California is looking for volunteers who are willing to coordinate meetings with the representatives in their respective districts. Meetings should generally consist of two to three people to be most effective, and we encourage providing specific examples about how the Livable Communities and other funding will benefit the specific district.

National APA has prepared the attached Districts Meeting Toolkit for use in this effort. The toolkit includes detailed information about the Livable Communities Act and the sustainability appropriations that APA supports. Further, the toolkit provides meeting talking points, tips for contacting the elected officials and scheduling a meeting, and other information to make the meetings successful.

If you are able to coordinating an in-district meeting, please contact APA California’s National Policy and Legislation Representative, Dave Snow at [email protected], who will be coordinating the effort to ensure that we don’t have duplication of effort or schedule multiple meetings with the same representative. A list of California’s Congressional Delegation, with the contact and office location information, can be located at: http://www.sos.ca.gov/admin/ca-roster/2010/pdf/03-us-ca-gov.pdf

Please take the time to encourage California’s Congressional Delegation to support these important bills which, if enacted, will provide important funding sources for various types of planning initiatives – initiatives that otherwise might not be possible in this current economic climate.

Best regards,

Dave Snow, AICP
National Policy and Legislation Representative
APA California