Big Conversation #3: Planning for the Future On-Demand Videos

The APA California Virtual Conference Big Conversation #3 Package includes video recordings of all sessions held during the Day 3 of the conference—September 16, 2020.

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APA Member$65
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YEP Members and Planning Commissioners$55
Non-Member: Student$20

Big Conversation #3: Planning for the Future

CM | 1.0

How can we plan for the future of our communities and continue to work towards making them more climate resilient, inclusive, and equitable? This panel of planners and non-planners share their insights on planning for a post-pandemic world and the trends that may impact real estate, transportation, open space, and entertainment.

  • Julia Lave Johnston 
  • Vince Bertoni
  • Don Chen
  • Katrina Johnston-Zimmerman
  • Ernst Valery 

Growing Resilient Together

CM | 1.0

California’s agricultural economies and communities are experiencing repetitive stressors, including wildfires. This threatens the social, economic, and environmental fabric and regenerative capacities essential for sustainability and quality of (all) life. This session identifies integrated approaches from ecology, data, design and community.

  • Niek Veraart 
  • Daniel Gorham
  • Natalie Ambrosio
  • Clare Hartman

Is a ‘Zoom Bomb’ a Cocktail? Public Hearing Bodies Facing Challenges in Conducting Virtual Meetings

CM | 1.0

Virtual meetings are a sign of the times. Will they continue to play a valuable role when the current pandemic no longer requires them? Even if they are a temporary meeting opportunity, there are legal requirements that must be met. Planning Commission members discuss the latest on Brown Act compliance and other public engagement issues.

  • Jay Higgins 
  • John Parke, Esq.
  • Gabe Escabedo
  • Jennifer Smith

APA EDI: California Planners Influencing APA’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Agenda

CM | 1.0 | Ethics

Hear from California Planners whose recent efforts are shaping APA’s direction toward a more equitable, diverse and inclusive practice and profession. Highlights from the APA Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee are discussed.

  • Miguel Vazquez, AICP
  • Elizabeth Tyler, AICP, PhD
  • Monica Guerra
  • Victor Rubin

Designing Fire Adapted Communities for Safety and Resiliency in Fire Hazard Areas

CM | 1.5

California’s catastrophic wildfires are occurring more often and with greater intensity. Reasons for this acceleration are varied, but regardless of why, solutions to provide new housing are necessary. Is it possible to build safely in fire hazard severity zones?

  • Michael Huff 
  • Carey Fernandes, AICP
  • Doug Nickles
  • Jason Neuman
  • Scott Eckardt 

Reimagining Commerce: Strategies to Encourage Diverse Economic Futures

CM | 1.5

Civic commerce is experiencing demonstrable change throughout California. New ideas are needed at multiple scales. How might strategic development reflect new realities and ensure that cities remain vibrant? This session explores opportunities for boosting economic vitality through creative planning and tactical design.

  • Danny Castro 
  • Bryan Eck
  • Kaizer Rangwala
  • Ric Abramson, FAIA

Public Space in Diverse and Changing Communities

CM | 1.0

The need for places to be outside and to build community has never been greater. Are parks keeping up? This session explores responses in park-deficient urban neighborhoods, unincorporated communities, and neighborhoods and cities in the process of transformation.

  • Peter Winch, AICP 
  • Heidi Vonblum
  • Meghan Tiernan
  • Randy McDaniel
  • Naria Kiani

Personal Resiliency: A Salon-style Exchange of Experiences

CM | 1.0

As planning professionals, we set out to shape communities. But we often find that the projects and people we encounter reshape our thinking. Hear how planners of diverse ages and backgrounds—your peers—have responded and evolved from their professional experiences.

  • Laura Stetson, AICP 
  • Erik Calloway
  • Miguel Vazquez, AICP
  • Rick Willson, AICP, PhD
  • Diana Gonzalez