Law and Ethics Package

The APA California Virtual Conference Law & Ethics Package includes all sessions offering law or ethics credits from the conference held September 14-16, 2020. Registrants may wish to view recordings in different reporting periods to maximize CM credit potential.

Package Rates

APA Member$45
APA Member: Student$15
YEP Members and Planning Commissioners$35
Non-Member: Student$25

2020 CEQA Update

CM | 1.5 | Law

CEQA is a constantly evolving law. Get up-to-date on the latest happenings in case law, VMT transportation impacts, and the new CEQA bills passed in 2020.

  • Antero Rivasplata 
  • Chris Ganson
  • Margaret Sohagi

Diversity Summit: Lessons from COVID-19

CM | 1.5 | Ethics

The recent COVID-19 pandemic and racial tensions have exposed the roots of systemic racism and how it has exacerbated prevalent inequities in public health outcomes, housing, transportation, and general place-making. This panel discusses solution-oriented approaches to combat inequities in these multiple policy areas.

  • Erik Calloway 
  • Rudy Espinoza
  • Chanell Fletcher
  • Stacy Hunt
  • Jerry Rivero

APA California 2020 Legislative Update

CM | 1.5 | Law

The APA California Vice President for Policy and Legislation, Executive Director and Administrative Director will recap the 2020 legislative session. Learn which bills passed, what didn’t make it, and what to expect next year. We will summarize the year’s most important bills, how they relate, and how to prepare for implementation.

  • Eric Phillips, JD, Vice President for Policy and Legislation
  • Sande George, Executive Director and Lobbyist, APA California
  • Lauren De Valencia y Sanchez, Administrative Director and Lobbyist, APA California

APA EDI: California Planners Influencing APA’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Agenda

CM | 1.0 | Ethics

Hear from California Planners whose recent efforts are shaping APA’s direction toward a more equitable, diverse and inclusive practice and profession. Highlights from the APA Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee are discussed.

  • Miguel Vazquez, AICP
  • Elizabeth Tyler, AICP, PhD
  • Monica Guerra
  • Victor Rubin