Monday, September 14

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Big Conversation #1: Racism and Bias in Planning (included w/package at no cost)

CM | 1.25

Panelists discuss the ways planning has historically supported systemic racism, the role that planning plays in perpetuating inequities, and what planners today should do to begin to address and heal from that history. This conversation will also forward to a future in which planning plays an integral part in eradicating the disease that is racism.

  • Jeanette Dinwiddie-Moore 
  • Mitch Silver
  • Angela Glover Blackwell
  • David Salazar
  • Manuel Pastor

Books on Cities: Josh Stephens on The Urban Mystique and Shane Phillips on The Affordable City

CM | 1.0

Los Angeles-based urban planning authors Josh Stephens and Shane Phillips discuss their new books: The Urban Mystique: Notes on California, Los Angeles and Beyond (Solimar Books) and The Affordable City (Island Press). The conversation is led by CP&DR Publisher Bill Fulton, himself the author of The Guide to California Planning.

  • Josh Stephens
  • Bill Fulton
  • Shane Phillips

Inaugural Betty Croly Memorial Lecture

CM | 1.0

More than Municipal Housekeepers: Women’s Clubs and the Birth of City Planning

Meredith Drake Reitan of the University of Southern California explores the role of early twentieth century Los Angeles club women as proto-planners during an era where women were often absent from the organized practice of planning.

  • Steven Preston 
  • J. Laurence Mintier
  • Meredith Drake Reitan 

SB 1000: The Bumpy Road towards Environmental Justice through Comprehensive Planning (CPR Session)

CM | 1.0

Per SB 1000, aka the Healthy Communities Act, cities and counties across the state are required to incorporate environmental justice into their general plans. This legislation represents a unique opportunity for planners to mitigate and prevent environmental burdens on the most vulnerable communities in California.

  • Miguel Vazquez, AICP
  • David Early
  • Erik de Kok, AICP
  • Tiffany Eng
  • Demi Espinoza

2020 CEQA Update

CM | 1.5 | Law

CEQA is a constantly evolving law. Get up-to-date on the latest happenings in case law, VMT transportation impacts, and the new CEQA bills passed in 2020.

  • Antero Rivasplata 
  • Chris Ganson
  • Margaret Sohagi

Implementing the Disadvantaged Communities Planning Tool to Secure Active Transportation Funding

CM | 1.5

The Disadvantaged Communities Planning Initiative is focused on delivering active transportation plans for disinvested communities. Lessons learned are shared on topics ranging from effective engagement, developing community stakeholder groups, temporary demonstration projects, and preparing active transportation grant applications.

  • Sam Corbett 
  • Dorothy Le Suchkova
  • Kenneth Phung
  • Wendolym Dubon
  • Mary Garcia

Modern Mentors: Supporting the Growth of Diverse Talent in the Digital Age

CM | 1.25

Mentorship has been proven effective in increasing the retention and advancement of a diverse and inclusive workforce. All levels of planners explore the topics of digital mentoring, embracing and advancing diversity in your workforce, staff retention and career advancement.

  • Asha Bleier 
  • Jerry Rivero
  • Rose Newberry
  • Rachel Raynor
  • Kate Rose

Environmental Justice and Increasing Diversity in the Environmental and Planning Professions

CM | 1.0

Panelists discuss the merits and unforeseen circumstances of including environmental justice (EJ) in the CEQA process, how local agencies are handling through the General Plan process, how NEPA addresses EJ, how to implement it successfully and measurably, increasing litigation and the cascade of other social and economic impacts.

  • Carey Fernandes, AICP 
  • Gary Jakobs
  • Jennifer Haddow
  • Joe Monaco
  • Leslie Moulton-Post
  • Steve Noack 

Gender Equity in Planning: Data, Design, and Tools for Taking Action

CM | 1.0

A panel representing diverse ways to shape transportation and the built environment sheds new light on a topic gaining traction across the world: designing more equitable cities for women. Learn how gender bias manifests in planning decisions and how these panelists are contributing to solutions.

  • Nina Harvey 
  • Madeline Brozen
  • Meghna Khanna
  • Monica Villalobos

The California APA Membership ‘State of the Profession’ Survey

CM | 1.0

See the results of the first-of-its-kind APA California Fall 2019 survey: ‘The State of the Planning Profession in California’. Hundreds of California planners participated! Join us and discover what your fellow planners have to say about the state of our profession.

  • Richard Kos 
  • Elizabeth Owen
  • Mirle Rabinowitz Bussell
  • Julia Lave Johnston
  • Jana Ruijgrok Neubauerova
  • Marc Yeber

Diversity Summit: Lessons from COVID-19

CM | 1.5 | Ethics

The recent COVID-19 pandemic and racial tensions have exposed the roots of systemic racism and how it has exacerbated prevalent inequities in public health outcomes, housing, transportation, and general place-making. This panel discusses solution-oriented approaches to combat inequities in these multiple policy areas.

  • Erik Calloway 
  • Rudy Espinoza
  • Chanell Fletcher
  • Stacy Hunt
  • Jerry Rivero