Planning Education & Career Package

The APA California Virtual Conference Planning Education & Careers Package includes selected videos from the conference focusing on topics of particular interest to students, young and emerging planners, and those interested in mentoring within the profession. Sessions took place on multiple days throughout the conference—September 14-16, 2020.

Package Rates
APA Member$55
APA Member: Student$10
YEP Members and Planning Commissioners$45
Non-Member: Student$10

CPF Professional Learning Session

CM | 1.0

A special panel of planning and design professionals share their experiences on the topic “If I’d Only Known Then What I Know Now: Learning from Our Failures” as an interactive conversation for students and young emerging professionals. The panelists are longtime practitioners and have received accolades for their work. That said, they can see the shortcomings in past projects and unrealized plans and are ready to have a frank conversation about where they went wrong and how others might avoid the same fate.

  • Lisa Wise
  • Patrick Siegman
  • Tony Perez
  • Neal Payton

APA National Meet & Greet

CM | 1.25

Meet APA National President Kurt Christiansen, APA Chief Executive Officer Joel Albizo, and the APA board members representing California. With a new CEO, APA was already working on some big changes before the pandemic and social justice issues rightly demanded our full attention. What is next for APA? What will the focus for the next few years be? How will the organization help planners address these very important issues, and help them weather a potential recession?

  • Kurt Christiansen
  • Joel Albizo

Modern Mentors: Supporting the Growth of Diverse Talent in the Digital Age

CM | 1.25

Mentorship has been proven effective in increasing the retention and advancement of a diverse and inclusive workforce. All levels of planners explore the topics of digital mentoring, embracing and advancing diversity in your workforce, staff retention and career advancement.

  • Asha Bleier
  • Jerry Rivero
  • Rose Newberry
  • Rachel Raynor
  • Kate Rose

The California APA Membership “State of the Profession” Survey

CM | 1.0

See the results of the first-of-its-kind APA California Fall 2019 survey: ‘The State of the Planning Profession in California’. Hundreds of California planners participated! Join us and discover what your fellow planners have to say about the state of our profession.

  • Richard Kos
  • Elizabeth Owen
  • Mirle Rabinowitz Bussell
  • Julia Lave Johnston
  • Jana Ruijgrok Neubauerova
  • Marc Yeber

APA California Section Leadership Roundtable

CM | 1.0

If you serve on an APA section board or are thinking about doing so, you are welcome to watch a recording of this virtual networking event designed to connect with and understand how other sections are responding to the current climate, and to share successes and lessons learned.

How Can Planners be Leaders Who Make the Hard Calls Throughout Their Careers?

CM | 1.5

The Great Recession made planners wary of raising tough issues. Today, the most critical issues facing California—housing, climate change, social equity—compel planners to be leaders and tackle these issues throughout their careers. This interactive panel discussion will help planners develop leadership skills to make the hard calls.

  • Elaine Costello
  • Janet Ruggiero
  • Mitch Silver
  • Veronica Garibay
  • Eric Guerra
  • Elliott Pickett
  • Christine Corrales
  • Chris Norman

Personal Resiliency: A Salon-style Exchange of Experiences that Have Shaped Our Careers

CM | 1.0

As planning professionals, we set out to shape communities. But we often find that the projects and people we encounter reshape our thinking. Hear how planners of diverse ages and backgrounds—your peers—have responded and evolved from their professional experiences.

  • Laura Stetson
  • Erik Calloway
  • Miguel Vazquez
  • Rick Willson
  • Diana Gonzalez