Tuesday, September 15

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Big Conversation #2: Thinking Outside the Toolbox to House California

CM | 1.0

It is time to think outside of our current planning toolbox. Does taking planning processes out of the housing equation increase the California housing supply? In this conversation panelists discuss how planners can advocate and develop effective tools to equitably address the California housing crisis in a way that strengthens our communities.

  • Carol Galante 
  • Dave Gatzke
  • Ann Sewill
  • Robin Hughes
  • Anna Nelson

Financing Infrastructure for Infill (California Planning Roundtable Session, CPR)

CM | 1.0

The State and many jurisdictions are planning Transit-Oriented Communities and urban infill to address our housing challenges and implement our climate-change mitigation strategies, resulting in more density in existing communities. How do we fund the basic and social infrastructure and public facilities to serve this growth and create community?

  • William Anderson, FAICP 
  • Lina Benedict
  • Suzanne Hague
  • Nadine Fogarty
  • Conni Pallini-Tipton

Going Viral: COVID Conversations are Spreading around the World

CM | 1.0

The current pandemic has exposed and magnified longstanding socioeconomic inequities, institutional shortcomings, and social unrest. This session highlights key lessons with planning and community-based responses gleaned from a series of international and domestic COVID Conversations.

  • Hing Wong, AICP
  • Roberto Moris
  • David Silva
  • Alex Hinds 

Planning Help: Housing Elements, RHNA and The Housing Crisis

CM | 1.0

Find out what the State of California and regional governments are doing to assist local jurisdictions plan to accelerate housing production and to comply with the 6th Cycle housing element and Regional Housing Need Allocation (RHNA).

  • Amy Sinsheimer 
  • Dov Kadin
  • Melani Smith
  • Carolyn Berg
  • Paul McDougall

How Can Planners be Leaders Who Make the Hard Calls Throughout Their Careers? (CPR Session)

CM | 1.5

The Great Recession made planners wary of raising tough issues. Today, the most critical issues facing California—housing, climate change, social equity—compel planners to be leaders and tackle these issues throughout their careers. This interactive panel discussion will help planners develop leadership skills to make the hard calls.

  • Elaine Costello, FAICP 
  • Janet Ruggiero, FAICP 
  • Mitch Silver, FAICP
  • Veronica Garibay
  • Eric Guerra
  • Elliott Pickett
  • Christine Corrales
  • Chris Norman

OPR Update: New Tools and Guidance

CM | 1.5

Join OPR Director Kate Gordon and OPR staff in a presentation and discussion of current statewide planning and policy initiatives, new tools, and guidance updates. The session includes an overview of CEQAnet, the new SiteCheck CEQA streamlining tool, updates to environmental justice and fire hazard planning guidance, and more.

  • Jeannie Lee 
  • Erik de Kok, AICP
  • Kate Gordon
  • Scott Morgan
  • Natalie Kuffel
  • Helen Campbell, AICP

Making Space: Optimistic Strategies for Addressing Homelessness

CM | 1.0

As visible homelessness presents an increasing challenge, jurisdictions are being asked to respond to this complex issue in productive, politically sensitive ways. In this session, attendees explore optimistic strategies to simultaneously improve the life of those experiencing homelessness and create inclusive public spaces for everyone.

  • Genevieve Sharrow 
  • Brice Maryman, ASLA, LEED AP 
  • Jeffery Lambert, AICP 
  • Tessa Madden Storms 

Resetting the Economic Development Table In a Post-Pandemic World

CM | 1.0

The impacts of COVID-19 accelerated many of the land use trends that are reshaping cities and local economies. Understand the evolving shifts in land use and occupancy, and learn how to use economic development tools and strategies to accomplish recovery and resiliency in the retail, hotel, industrial, and residential markets.

  • Larry Kosmont, CRE

Visualizing Density

CM | 1.0

We need the tools to change the conversation around density – to effectively communicate with stakeholders and alleviate fear of change around increasing density in existing neighborhoods. Planners will learn how to shift the conversation away from density by the numbers and towards the envisioned future build-out for a community.


  • Laura Williams, AIA, Associate & Urban Design Lead, David Baker Architects


  • Diego Velasco, AICP, LEED AP
  • Laura Black, AICP, Former Deputy Director, City of San Diego Planning Department
  • Noah Friedman, AICP, LEED AP, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Vibemap