Distance Education

The APA California Distance Education program provides members with professional development CM credit opportunities through webinars, livestreaming and on-demand videos. All Chapter members are welcome and encouraged to use these professional development resources either individually or in group settings to facilitate discussion and further learning.


Webinars are live, time certain events typically containing audio and PowerPoint slides. Webinars make it possible to assemble a team of panelists reporting in from remote locations. Invitations are generally sent to members through Chapter eNews. Each year the Chapter hosts or co-hosts (often with one or more Sections) webinars on topics of current interest including law and ethics. All webinars are recorded. Following the webinar, the recording is typically uploaded to the APA California YouTube channel and made available as an on-demand video (see below).


Livestreams are real time scheduled events containing video, audio and PowerPoint slides. Like webinars, invitations are generally provided through Chapter eNews. Livestreams may be used extend the reach of live-in person events or webinars. All livestreams are recorded. Following the livestream, the recording is typically uploaded to the APA California YouTube channel and made available as an on-demand video.


On-demand videos are recordings of live events available for unlimited viewing at any time. Depending on the source, they may contain video, audio, and PowerPoint slides. Initial availability is generally announced through Chapter eNews while a full list of available videos is accessible from this page.

Most on-demand videos are available for a modest fee with some titles offered at no cost. Pricing varies depending on the number of CM credits offered and other factors such as group viewing and package discounts.  Current pricing is provided on the registration access pages below.

The videos listed on these pages have been determined by APA California to be current and appropriate for AICP professional development. All listed videos are available for registration and CM credit. Any Chapter member who is not satisfied with their initial choice may contact our Chapter Distance Education Director to request an alternative, at no additional cost. A new video link will be sent by email.

2018, 2019 AND 2020 VIDEOS

Links to videos no longer available for CM credit are available upon request. Please contact Greg Konar, AICP, APA California Distance Education Director for more information.