Fellows of the American Institute of Certified Planners (FAICP)


Fellows of AICP are honored in recognition of the achievements of the planner as an individual, elevating the Fellow before the public and the profession as a model planner who has made a significant contribution to planning and society. Fellowship is granted to planners who have been members of AICP and have achieved excellence in professional practice, teaching and mentoring, research, public and community service, and leadership. Those chosen become members of the College of Fellows.

The College of Fellows inducts FAICP members every two years. Candidates for nomination should have made outstanding contributions to the profession throughout their career. They must meet criteria laid out in the national nomination guidelines including: exceptional leadership; innovation and excellence; creating a legacy for their community, profession and society; risk taking; and sustainability and follow-through.

The California Chapter and APA National nomination process will be underway soon.  The California Chapter Nominating Committee will work with Sections and current FAICP planners to identify candidates eligible for FAICP status and then work with those interested in pursuing this esteemed recognition in the planning profession.

Do you know someone who is eligible for nomination to the Fellows of the American Institute of Certified Planners that you think should be nominated? That individual should be an active APA member and an AICP planner for at least 15 years. Please forward the individual’s name to your Section Director who will forward to the Chapter Nominating Committee.

The Process

In 2014, the Chapter refined the Nomination Process and Candidate Information to better assist potential FAICP candidates. More information will be published here in the upcoming months. The generalized timeframe is that eligible candidates are identified through the spring of 2015, then work on applications is done through the summer, with submittal of perfected applications by the California Chapter to National APA in the late fall.

Individuals not endorsed for Chapter nomination may be nominated by other avenues: by five FAICP members, or by a Division of APA.

California chapter FAICP Planners

The California Chapter of APA boasts over 50 FAICP planners as of 2013. Congratulations! The Chapter is proud to have you among us and is respectful of your accomplishments!

Central Coast
Sherman Griselle
Kenneth Topping

Inland Empire
M. Margo Wheeler
Al Zelinka

Los Angeles
Carol Barrett
Tridib Banerje
David Bess
Joseph Edmisto
S. Gail Goldberg
Stanley Hoffman
Jerome Lubin
Robert Paternoster
Steven Preston
Richard Pruetz
Marsha Rood
Donald Shoup
Bruce Stiftel
Brian Taylor
Richard Willson

Karen Alschuler
Fred Collignon
Elaine Costello
Linda Dalton
Jeanette Dinwiddie-Moore
Boris Dramov
Michael Dyett
Ellen Greenberg
Edward Helfeld
John Hirten
Daniel Iacofano
Thomas Jacobson
Vivian Kahn
Barbara Kautz
Naphtali Knox
Dean Macris
Marjorie Macris
George Mader
Barry Miller
Jacqueline Parnell
Donald Rothblatt
Gary Schoennauer
Paul Sedway
Susan Stoddard

Robert Dannenbrink
Margarita McCoy

Willard Chow
Al Herson
J Larry Mintier
Janet Ruggiero

San Diego
William Anderson
John Bridges
Robert Leiter
Kenneth Sulzer
Paul Zucker