COVID-19 Resources

During these unprecedented times, APA California is focused on supporting our members.  

We are collecting the best and most relevant resources for planners. Information surrounding the virus is evolving rapidly, and while APA California will work to keep these resources as relevant and current as possible, always double-check facts and figures before using any data in your communications.

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Request to Amend Emergency Rule No. 9 Announced April 6, 2020

APA California and AEP have submitted a joint letter to urge the California Judicial Council to make modifications to the recently-adopted Emergency Rule No. 9. This emergency rule imposes an across-the-board extension of the statutes of limitations for all civil actions until 90 days after the Governor lifts the existing COVID-19 Emergency Order. APA California and AEP are joining the League of Cities, CSAC, RCRC, and the California Building Industry Association in support of amendments to provide standard statute of limitations periods for California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) actions after the Emergency Order is lifted.

California gig workers, independent contractors to get unemployment help with new website

California’s battered self-employed workforce is being promised a new state one-stop website to make it easier to seek and receive unemployment benefits.

Request to Delay Specific Statutory Local Government Deadlines in Light of COVID-19 Crisis

APA California is requesting Governor Newsom to take immediate action to pause their specific lists of statutory requirements, specifically those related to Review and Approval of Development Projects, Housing Elements, Housing and Community Development (HCD) Grant Programs, Public Records Act, and Solar Permits and Wireless Telecommunication Facilities.