Planning Related Equity Reading and AV Resources

The Resources listed on this page are by means meant to be exhaustive or comprehensive. This is an initial list that will be regularly updated. Feedback on this list or additions for the list are most welcome at



Urban Planning and the African American Communities: In the Shadows by June Manning Thomas and Marsha Ritzdorf, 1996


Plaza Talk: Race and Space, PlacemakingUS, July 22, 2020 [1:45:51]
How Historic Housing Discrimination against Black Americans Contributes to Racial Inequities Today, Dwayne Spencer, Habitat for Humanity, Greater Memphis, June 2020
When Everything Breaks: Conversations on Challenge, Opportunity and Equity in Uncertain Times, APA Los Angeles Webinar, May 2020 [56:06]
Centering the Black Experience in Active Transportation; Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals Conference in Portland, OR, August 2019 [1:03:02]
How do we respond to anti-Blackness in Urban Practices and Conversations, Canadian Urban Institute
Creating Equitable Cities Through Gender Mainstreaming, APA Planning Webcast Series, February 2020 [1:31:33]
From Isolation to Inclusion LGBTQ+ Communities in Planning & Equity Issues, APA Planning Webcast Series, April 2020 [1:28:16]