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Segregated by Design, [17:45]

Race-Based Caucusing in the Workplace Video, September 20, 2021, Work. Shouldn’t. Suck [47:02]

Transportation Equity: Time is Now, November 11, 2020, Kinder Institute, [1:09:04]

The Heat Gap Dividing a Major US City (Los Angeles), December 21, 2020 BBC Reel

How Property Law Is Used to Appropriate Black Land, [21: 49) August 11, 2020

Andy Perry on Making Urbanisim Antiracist, August 12, 2020, Cohosted by YIMBY Action, YIMBY Law, and the East Oakland Black Cultural Zone Collaborative [1:01:22]

Mass Transit’s Role in Racial Justice (Podcast), August 13, 2020, Bloomberg [3:57]

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Plaza Talk: Race and Space, PlacemakingUS, July 22, 2020 [1:45:51]

How Historic Housing Discrimination against Black Americans Contributes to Racial Inequities Today, Dwayne Spencer, Habitat for Humanity, Greater Memphis, June 2020

When Everything Breaks: Conversations on Challenge, Opportunity and Equity in Uncertain Times, APA Los Angeles Webinar, May 2020 [56:06]

Centering the Black Experience in Active Transportation; Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals Conference in Portland, OR, August 2019 [1:03:02]

How do we respond to anti-Blackness in Urban Practices and Conversations, Canadian Urban Institute

Creating Equitable Cities Through Gender Mainstreaming, APA Planning Webcast Series, February 2020 [1:31:33]

From Isolation to Inclusion LGBTQ+ Communities in Planning & Equity Issues, APA Planning Webcast Series, April 2020 [1:28:16]


Urban Planner’s Podcast, Black Urbanists Speak Out Series


Urban Planning and the African American Communities: In the Shadows by June Manning Thomas and Marsha Ritzdorf, 1996